University Welcomes New Dean To College Of Health Sciences And Education

Bethany Jopling, Reporter

Students, faculty and staff members are welcoming Dr. Barbara Schwartz-Bechet, the newest dean of the College of Health Sciences and Education (CHSE), to the university.

Schwartz-Bechet is originally from Brooklyn, New York, but has lived and worked in Maryland and Illinois, as well as Pennsylvania. Before coming to Misericordia, she was the Interim Dean of the College of Education and Rehabilitation at Salus University outside Philadelphia.

Schwartz-Bechet earned her doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Columbia University.

“My current areas of research include mental health concerns of college students and children, here and abroad,” she said. “Also, meeting the behavioral needs of children in the countries of Latvia and Qatar, narrative medicine, and internationalization of shared student insights on workplace and school dilemma’s of student teachers and field work students in various health areas.”

Schwartz-Bechet said she made the decision to come to Misericordia because of the school’s excellent reputation.  She feels the campus has a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

“I am able to comfortably walk to all buildings and interact with the students across the campus,” she said.

She has goals she would like to see become reality during her time here.

“One of my goals is to have the programs collaborate to develop research agendas with students and be able to translate their research to practice in the community,” she said.

To set this plan into action, Schwartz-Bechet would like to find ways to support it by identifying local and national community human and monetary supports on campus and to find those who have been successful in the past so they can mentor others.

Her second goal is to encourage students and faculty to take part in opportunities with the Fulbright Scholarship Program.

“I would like to develop workshops on different types of Fulbright opportunities and how to apply,” Schwartz-Bechet said.

She also hopes to be able to work closely with faculty and students to provide greater understanding across various programs and to create joint projects to increase interprofessional understandings and competencies.

Schwartz-Bechet wants everyone at the university to know she has an open-door policy.

“If my door is open, please feel free to come in. I am here to help and represent the students, faculty and staff of the CHSE on campus, in the community, locally, nationally and internationally.” she said. “I am also a huge NHL fan, so anyone who wants to talk about hockey, please stop by.”

The advice Schwartz-Bechet offers is to always keep and follow your dreams and always look at obstacles as challenges that make you stronger as you move toward reaching those dreams.