GLNS Club’s Voter Outreach a Success

Erin O'Brien and Nicole Giammarino

The Government Law and National Security club provided free shuttle service as part of the university’s  “MU Leads the Vote” program to help students cast ballots in the mid-term election Nov. 6.

“The shuttles met in front of Anderson. The shuttle ran every hour on the hour between 1 and 6,” said Hunter Glidewell, junior GLNS major.

Student needed only to bring their university identification cards to take part.

Glidewell said the club began to offer the shuttle service during the 2016 presidential election so all students who wanted to vote would have the opportunity to do so.

“The GLNS club is a nonpartisan organization that encourages individuals to do their own research and form their own opinions, while benefiting the community,” Glidewell said.

Dr. Rebecca Padot, club advisor and Assistant Professor in the GLNS program, said students should use the mass media sources to become informed about political issues.

“The GLNS Program also offers an annual Constitution Day event every September that helps students become more informed about voting,” said Padot.

Michaela Napoli, a sophomore speech language pathology major, did not use the shuttle because she voted through an absentee ballot, as many out-of-state college students do.

“Voting is so important, especially for young people, as the decisions politicians are making now will affect our future.”

Elizabeth Perfetti, senior health science major,  went home to vote, because she lives close to campus.

“I wanted to have the whole voting experience. It’s just cool to know that I have a say in my own future, even if the government is a lot of people trying to agree, at least my thoughts got to matter too,” Perfetti said.

Glidewell said all students who want to learn more about government are encourages to joins the GLNS club.

“If anyone is interested in joining the GLNS club, meeting times are posted well in advance, and individuals need to come to at least three of these meetings a year in order to be considered a member of the club. We have four meetings a semester, so this is relatively easy to accomplish,” said Glidewell.

Recent activities included a school supplies drive for a GLNS alumnae who is working in the Peace Corps in Tonga. In total over 100 items were collected, including children’s books, Glidewell stated.

“One of the next activities that the club will be offering is a raffle basket fundraiser. There will be a chocolate bar gift basket, along with another basket containing a gift card that students are able to purchase tickets for,” Glidewell said.