Friends of Library to Tell Uniquely American Tale

Mrs. Fahmy and her new book ” A Checkerboard of Nights and Days”

Iana Davis, Reporter

The Friends of the Library invites students to learn about the inspiring life journey of Iran Fahmy Oct. 24 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Fahmy was given the opportunity to leave Iran and come to America to attend any school of her choice. She faced many challenges in her 65 year journey, including  culture shock.

Sue Lazur, Administrative Assistant, said Fahmy’s story helps to increase understanding among and between people of different ethics groups.

“Her journey is amazing. Not only does it teach you about culture but the challenges of ethnic groups because she has been able to see both sides.”

The group attempts to host three speakers both in the fall and spring semester, with the intention to educate and inform students about life outside of the university’s walls.

Fahmy and her husband come from two different unique places, Iran for Fahmy and Egypt for her husband, but both shared the common goal to find success in America.

Fahmy’s story teaches the importance of education while it stresses the need to encounter cultural difference.

Lazur believes that diversity provides a necessary part of education.

“In any major offered you can experience different cultures because we are such a melting pot of a community. That just better rounds out your education.”

Fahmy connects with students by speaking from experience and not just knowledge, and she approaches this through conversation and not lecture.

Madison Cardinale, senior English major, got the chance to work closely with Fahmy two summers ago.

She helped Fahmy compose a book, and she got the chance to learn from the author.

“The way that she prevailed and pushed for education inspired me to push for my education,” Cardinale said.

Fahmy values education and wants to impart that value to readers.

“Her education is really important to her, so maybe if students can understand the true value of education that would be really helpful,” Cardinale said.

“Even outside of her book, in real conversation with her, you can take note in the value of her education.”

Fahmy’s friendship with Vanessa Botzman, wife of President Thomas Botzman, and her interest in campus water aerobics, also makes her part of the campus community.

“Her story is great, and we hope it touches many students,” said Lazur.