Camp site on Coffee Cup Wins at Starbucks

Alyssa Yniguez holding Beats headphones won by creating the winning cup in the Starbucks Competition. Photo Credits Brent Postal

Erin O'Brien, Reporter

Metz Culinary Management provided prize options for the  Starbucks cup design competition this semester, and that strategy resulted in more entries than last year.

Retail manager Donna Walker said the contest promotion started last fall semester, and employees received few entry cups, although they were cool, she said.

“And then we did it in the spring and we got even more cups that were even nicer. And this year we got even more, and they were really outrageous! The prizes each year got better. We like to do a lot of raffles and we give prizes to the students and staff. The first couple prizes were $25 gift cards for Starbucks or any other Metz location, but this year they had a choice.”

The winner could choose between a corn hole game set or Beats headphones.

Students were motivated and had competitions with their friends.

Alyssa Yniguez, sophomore occupational therapy major, was the winner.

“I had first heard about the contest last year as a freshman, but never got the chance to actually do it,” Yniguez said.

She had seen her roommate, Sara Shields, a history and secondary education major, with a decorated cup and became motivated to create her own masterpiece.

“I thought I’d give it a go. All my inspiration usually comes from Pinterest, so I looked up some images on there to get some ideas. I found some pretty art of a camp site and forest, and decided to go with that vibe. I was also inspired by Sara to use watercolor on the cup, because it looked nice on hers, and using watercolor is a fun medium to work with.”

Walker said she likes to keep things interesting.

“We do creative contests. We’ve done raffles, giveaways, just different things for the students just to have some fun, and its our way to thank them for their business.”

She added that Metz gives back to the community.

“That’s part of what Metz Culinary Management is all about, and we try to follow that here at Misericordia by doing things for the kids,” Walker said.

Metz has loyalty programs, like buy $100 Flex points and receive $25 free and punch cards at retail locations such as Chopping Block and Starbucks.

“We got a rewards card program going that can be connected with the students, building loyalty and us thanking everyone for their business! You pay a lot already. It gives people a reason to buy more points, to get a little more for their money, and we appreciate you guys being here,” Walker said.

And Yniguez appreciated the ear buds.

“There was either a corn hole set, or some Beats earbuds. So out of the two choices, I went with the earbuds,” Yniguez said.

While she and her roommate were in a friendly competition, in the end it was just to have fun.

“I think that making the cup took about two hours in total, nothing too long. I’ve made other things that have taken a lot longer than that. But it was a nice break to have after homework,” Yniguez added.

All campus Starbucks locations in Banks, Insalaco Hall and Passan Hall accept loyalty punchcards.

The winning cup of the Starbucks contest was designed by Alyssa Yniguez. Photo Credits: Brent Postal