The Highlander has a Website?

Michael Diakunczak, Reporter

 The Highlander newspaper has a website that provides up-to-date news and information, but the campus community seems unaware of it.

 Newspapers are published every two weeks and distributed throughout campus for the community to pick up and catch up on recent news, but is particularly useful for those who are busy or not frequenting areas that have newspapers available.

The  website includes all news stories that have been published in the paper as well as archives and special features . One web-exclusive feature is“My iPhone and Me,” in which a staff writer takes photos of people they meet and interesting things they do during  a week. This is the paper’s effort to ensure that the site is a reliable and entertaining resource for the community.

Multiple students said they are unaware that the site exists.

Maria Debold, sophomore undecided student, said, “I have not heard that The Highlander  has a website. I think that the website could get more exposure from placing ads around campus and on several social media outlets.”

Likewise, Mackenzie Schanzlin, sophomore health care management/Pre-DPT student, said she wasn’t aware of it, but she offered ideas about how to increase readership.

“I think if they advertised it around campus and when Misericordia holds raffling events the only way to enter is through The Highlander newspaper website,” she said.

Kevin Hobbs, sophomore government law and national security student, said the paper should spread the word through the old standby form of campus communication.

“Promote it by sending a mass email, because who doesn’t like a mass MyMu email?”

Skyler Behrend, sophomore government, law and national security student, suggested advertising on social media.

“Since social media has a huge impact on society maybe try reaching out via social media outlets. You could have a giveaway when a social media page reaches a certain amount of followers. You could kickstart this by sending a MyMu email to all of the students via an important university authority.”

Allison McElheran, sophomore history and secondary education student have a contest her vote.

“I think one way to help the help the website to get more exposure is to send out a myMU email if there are articles that would be especially interesting for students on this campus. I also think that just sending out an email to inform students that there is a website would at least just inform the student body.”

 Brian Dice, sophomore government, law and national security major said he is aware of the paper but not  the website. 

“I’ve seen the paper all over school but never any advertisement that it had its own website.  I believe that the best way to advertise the website is to put signs around both the cafe and chick-fil-a. The student body is always around those areas of the campus and will definitely get a lot of attention.”

Tyler Colonno said he didn’t know about the newspaper’s online presence, but that doesn’t mean he misses out on campus media entirely.

“I was aware that the radio show had a website. I personally feel that if The Highlander had a website like the radio show, than more people would be aware of the Highlanders website.”

Students are invited to offer feedback on The Highlander by sending an emails to [email protected]