Education Conference Comes to Campus

Melanie Quintanilla, Reporter

For the first time, Misericordia will host the Pennsylvania State Education Association for Students regional conference.

This professional development workshop on Saturday, Feb. 22 will focus on topics relevant to students majoring in education such as learning styles, classroom technology and the benefits of PSEA membership.

Education majors from Bloomsburg University, East Stroudsburg University, Marywood University, Keystone College and University of Scranton will attend the event, and non-PSEA members may also attend.

“A membership costs $30 and the cost for members is $10, so if you are not a member and want to be one it would cost $40. So those who were not members previously would be able to sign up for the same cost that it would be to just attend the conference,” said Misericordia SPSEA chapter president Amanda Sutton said.

PSEA protects the rights of its members and supports them.

“I attended the state-wide PSEA Student conference last year and I realized that Misericordia did not have a chapter for PSEA students. I was elected to be the vice president of the Northeast region, so when I heard that we needed a location for the conference, Misericordia was my first thought. What better way is there to kick off the start of our chapter than with the regional conference right on campus?” said Sutton.

Sutton said she wants to share her experiences at the conference with other students interested in education careers.

“I wish that I would have gotten into this during my first year at Misericordia, but through doing this now I am hoping that all education majors will have the opportunity to learn, network and have as great of a time as I did during my first conference.”

“Another reason why this con- ference is important is because education majors from Misericordia University and the other schools can really benefit from the topics covered by our speakers and also from joining PSEA in general. This is the first real event for our chapter so we are hoping that it will be informational and fun for all who attend,” Sutton said.

Workshop presenters will provide students with informational handouts, resources and references, and students can also receive job-search guidance, including effective interviewing strategies and instruction on how to build a portfolio.

“I just recently joined PSEA when I heard that this conference was coming to Misericordia,” said senior education major Marisa Ferenchick. “It is always good to be involved with something you’re passionate about to further your knowledge.”

The conference will include a panel discussion by the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association on “A Day in the Life” of a special education preschool. Speech language pathologists and occupational therapists will be on hand to explain what it is like to work with the children and answer questions.

Senior education major Holly Welsh said the PSEA conference will be her first. She said she is interested in learning more about the field and networking with students and professionals before she graduates this semester.

“I think [the conference] will also provide underclassmen students with important information that will help them throughout their next few years in college. It will also allow them to become more involved with PSEA, which I think will definitely help them develop important professional skills.”

Being a member of PSEA offers many benefits. Students can be covered by additional liability insurance and also be eligible for legal support.

Students are also eligible to compete for the PSEA Lucy A. Valero Scholarship and the NEA-Retired Jack Kinnaman Scholarship.

“Being a member of PSEA is also an excellent addition to a resume for future teachers,” said Sutton.

“I do know that I have more legal protection because I am a member. I also receive discounts from a variety of businesses. This is nice for me because I am a college student so I am on a tight budget,” said Welsh.

Ferenchick said learning from the personal experiences of others is a great way to prepare oneself for a future career.

“It’s always nice to be in a place with others who share the same passion that you do,” she said.

Students who are a member of PSEA can attend the conference for $10. Non-members pay $40.