Botzman Quick to Fill Needed Positions

Arthur Dowell, Web Editor

President Botzman envisioned a future for the university and wasted no time to appoint Sr. Jean Messaros to serve as Vice President of Mission Integration.

The announcement was made to the campus via email following Labor Day weekend.

The position had been open since Sr. Bernadette Duross’s depar- ture just before the 2012-2013 academic year.

The job consists of complementing the president for Catholic and mercy identities in terms of culture, policies and practices.

“My goal is to be able to walk around more and talk to the students,” said Messaros. “I want to hear what they hope and dream for the school.”

All 16 mercy schools for higher education have the same position. This gives MU the opportunity to discuss important topics with the other school communities.

With Messaros accepting the new position, Kit Foley will serve as both Dean of Students and Interim Vice President of Student Affairs.

Foley will have the responsibil- ity of making sure many of the campus departments such as Residence Life, Student Success Center and athletics are running smoothly.

“I’m still in the midst of finding out what all my responsibilities are,” said Foley. “I’m excited for the new opportunity to look at the campus in a much bigger perspective.”

The goal for both Botzman and Messaros is to spread the message of what the school is about. They want the culture and mission to remain firmly in place 50 years from now.

The position of Vice President of Student Affairs will most likely be Kit’s for the academic year. No search is underway.

Officials say their best hope to find a candidate is during the spring semester when people are looking to leave their current positions and look for something new.

“I’m honored to be in the positions I am in,” said Foley. “I will make sure to continue to provide great service and programs for the students.”

Foley said many members of the campus community have volun- teered to help as she takes on both positions.

Both Messaros and Foley said they will work to learn new ways to respond to the needs of the campus community and strengthen the university’s mission.

“When talking to students, I know I am going to get the best advice and stories,” said Messaros. “We love what the students are capable of doing and I hope to see a lot of it with the new position.”

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