‘Voice of John’ Speaks Pro-Life Message

Ryan Osadchy, Reporter

Students, staff and community members learned about secrets of the abortion industry in the pro-life documentary “The Voice of John” in Insalaco Hall.

The film is based around a story told by Maryann Lawhon’s career as a nurse in the late 1970’s.

More than 53 million abortions that have occurred since 1973.

This is the first film to attempt to expose these truths and reveal secrets in this industry, including the one that Lawhon encountered one day in the late 70’s.

Lawhon heard a sound that she would never forget.

The documentary opens with a reenactment of her discovery of a live baby on a dirty metal table and the hospital staff turning away because it was an abortion and “nothing could be done.”

Lawhon is depicted in a very powerful and moving scene picking up the dying child and baptizing him with the name of John. It is an image that permeates the hearts and minds of every person who sees this documentary and strengthens the promise that Lawhon made to herself and John
to spread the word about him. She promised to tell the world what she saw and be his voice, a promise she delivered thirty-five years after the incident.

Lawhon, Christopher Peiser and Donald Galade produced the film so the story of John and his small voice could be heard by millions.

Director Peiser was originally asked a make a documentary film about the Pro-Life March two years ago. His vision for the Pro-Life film shifted as he talked to more people who were involved with Pro-Life events.

“My eyes became open to what was going on in this country,” said Peiser. “As I found out what it was all about, wow, somebody’s got to do something about this. Because of the kind of person I am, that person would be me.”

Peiser felt it was a great opportunity to do something about this issue and he said he found most of his inspiration in Lawhon’s story.

“Maryann is an amazing person. Just her story alone was really what drew me to this project. When I heard her story for the first time I was just amazed,” said Peiser. “It was just one of those shocking things that I couldn’t even believe that something like that could happen. When I got the
chance to talk to her we just immediately had a good connection that we were able to work really well together.”

Many attendees said they had no idea what to expect from the film.

“I heard that it was going to be a good pro-life film, but honestly I had no clue what to expect,” said first year Mike Pheasant.

Pheasant said the film was very touching.

“I thought overall, the entire message from start to finish was really moving and powerful, and I hope everyone else was moved just as much as I was. I thought that each individual testimony, and each person was really interesting to see,” said Pheasant. “I have always been pro-life. I have been raised pro-life and I think that it’s good to see more of this on campus.”

Peiser shot footage for the documentary all over the country, more than 60 hours of tape.

“I was in like nine different states shooting and it was just kind of like one thing would lead to another. We would get one interview and then we would get connected to someone else,” said Peiser.

Galade also had a major part in the film with Peiser.

“We worked creatively before together because we are in a band together and we recorded a CD together,” said Peiser. “I think we built a lot of the creative process and got to realize what our strengths and weaknesses were, and that happened with this project.”

Galade took care of all of the administrative work for the documentary. He booked all of the interviews and also made all of the contacts. He was also involved with the creative process, providing input and making suggestions to make the film the best it can be.

Peiser said he learned as a result of making the documentary. “If you care anything about this country, you really have to be at least active enough that you vote. A lot of people think a vote doesn’t make a difference. The thing that taught me is that I am a lot more politically minded than I thought I was, and you really can’t care about this country and not be a politically minded person,” said Peiser.

“The Voice of John” documentary can be viewed in its entirety at voiceofjohn.org.

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