Sean Luzzi

Sean Luzzi

Sport: Cross Country

Major: Medical Science/ Pre-DPT

Year: Junior

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Role Model: My old coach Steve Ambrosi, Trever Reed, but mostly my dad. He’s the hardest worker I know, ultra-competitive, and is always a positive and approaches things with a level head.

Pre-Meet Ritual: I don’t really have an superstitions pre-meet, but I normally eat a bagel or two with peanut butter and maybe a cup of coffee.

Thing I Enjoy the Most About Cross Country: I enjoy the team atmosphere of cross country more than any other aspect. Having seven guys on the line ready to go to war in the hills together is a feeling like no other.

Why I Started Running: I started because I was cut from the freshman soccer team at my high school and wanted to pursue another athletic team, and cross country was my next best option.

Favorite Memory: Once recent MAC Championship, crossing the finish line in fourth. After coming in 31st last year, I never would have thought I would have progressed so much in a year, but coach Wadas is a great coach with a great  system and he has helped develop me both as a athlete and a person. more than any other coach ever has.

Fun Fact: I love coffee and drink a couple cups a day.