Gina Baiamonte

Gina Baiamonte

What are the differences in preparing for a football game and a basketball game?
Preparing for football season is more difficult because we have a brand new team and new material to learn. We have to work to find cohesive stunt groups and put together cheers to perform at games. By the time basketball season comes around, we are all comfortable with each other and the game day material.

Which one do you prefer? Why?
I love motivating both the football and basketball teams to a victory. It’s an honor to be a part of the beginning of football for Misericordia. I also played basketball all throughout grade school and high school so I love being able to watch those games and cheer on our team.

How do you prepare for the cheerleading season?
In August, our team attends UCA cheerleading camp where we learn new sidelines, cheers, stunts, and pyramids. During preseason, we utilize what we have learned from camp, along with cheers and dances from previous years, to put together sets for game day performances. We continue to practice throughout the season as we add new material, prepare for competitions, and learn more advanced skills.

Do you and your squad look forward to the bigger games?
Of course! It’s great when the crowd participates in our cheers. Its fun to watch the cougar fans get involved in the game and show their cougar pride.

What is your favorite thing about cheerleading?
It’s hard to answer that question because there are so many things I enjoy. Our squad primary goal is always to motivate the cougar teams. It’s very exciting to be part of all of the games. I also love the competitive aspect of cheerleading. It’s a time to showcase all of the skills and accomplishments out team has made throughout the year.

What are your teams goals when you go to Disney World?
When we perform at nationals, we want to be able to put on a clean performance and hit all of our stunts. Because of our fourth pace finish at last years nationals, we made it our goal to place top four again this year.

What has been your favorite MU cheering moment?
I don’t think its possible to pick just one moment!  Over the past year and a half, I have made so many memories with my teammates and coaches. They are like a second family to me. I am truly fortunate to be a part of such an amazing group of people.

Photo Courtesy of MU Athletics