Students Celebrate COVID Relief Checks

Connor Cusick, Reporter

Students are celebrating after receiving financial support courtesy of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplement Appropriation Act.

University officials sent an email to students on April 12, which stated that they would receive a check from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund due to the CRRSAA. The act states that schools must “make financial aid grants” to students to help account for “emergency costs” they may have as a result of the pandemic. Emergency costs include tuition, food, housing, health care and child care.

Students received checks worth up to $900, depending on each of their individual costs of attendance and other financial needs they may have. On campus students were the first to receive checks, and students who live off campus received theirs in the mail about a week later.

Many students expressed their gratitude about the news. Junior Dylan Sellitti said he plans to put his money toward next semester’s costs.

“Misericordia is blessing me with the money,” Sellitti said. “Textbooks are very expensive, and it will be a good help for them next semester.”

Freshman Zane Martin is also pleased to have the money.

“It is good to have extra money to help pay for college expenses,” he said.

Junior Bill Murphy said he was especially thankful for the check, as it allowed him to help his family save their money.

“The money from Misericordia was a savior with all of the extra expenses I incurred during the pandemic,” Murphy said. “I was able to utilize the money and save myself and my family from stretching their limits.”