Prepping for Your Final Semester of College


Mike Gawlik, Reporter

As we approach the end of October with the second semester right around the corner, seniors are preparing themselves for their final semester here at Misericordia. Some might feel nervous or apprehensive while others may be excited for what is approaching.

The best way to minimize negative emotions towards graduation is to do everything you can to prepare for the future. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to do that here at Misericordia.

Most senior-year students approaching the second semester have either completed an internship in their expected field of employment or plan to so during the spring semester. Misericordia provides students with an abundance of connections for internship opportunities across the many majors offered here. It is not too late to look into internship positions if you have not yet completed the requirement needed for graduation.

If you are looking to get started with an internship for your final semester, stop by the Insalaco Center for help. Johnna Evans is the Corporate Relations Coordinator for the university and works within Misericordia’s Insalaco Center for Professional Development and Leadership where she explores opportunities for students. Evans, along with Bernie Rushmer and Tiffany Wiernusz, are all available with appointments through Handshake to assist you in getting an internship opportunity.

For those students who have already completed internship positions, now is the time to reach out to those affiliations and discuss your post-graduation plans. If you are interested in potential employment opportunities with your previous internship, they can provide you with information for the application process. If the company where you interned is not currently looking to hire, they may be able to direct you to other relevant employment openings, which may eventually lead you to a position within your internship affiliation.

A great way to start conversations with previous internship affiliations is by reflecting on your positive experience with them, as well as providing them with an updated resume.

Another place to take your resume is to Misericordia’s Career Fair, a great opportunity to distribute your resume as well as talk face-to-face with potential employers.

Advocating for yourself and getting the opportunity to ask questions to business representatives is a great way to gauge where you would like to go in the future. Many great employment connections have sprouted from the Misericordia Career Fair.

Keeping in contact with professors is also a good way to explore employment options post-graduation. Our professors at Misericordia have a wide scope of experience in the work field before teaching and are more than willing to help guide you in the right direction.

In the communications department, professors assign clients to students to help them work with professionals and get used to being in a professional setting. In many cases, there are opportunities to connect with these corporations. When opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to seize it.

Seniors should also be aware of fulfilling graduation requirements before the due date. Keep an eye out for emails regarding the “Application for Degree” requirements that can be filled out on the MyMU website. Emails will also be sent regarding the process for purchasing caps and gowns needed for the commencement ceremony. It is important these forms are completed before their deadlines to make the graduation process as seamless as possible.

While the logistics for graduation are a priority, don’t forget to enjoy your time left at Misericordia University. Finishing your senior year on a good note is the best way to end your college experience. Don’t let the fact that you’re graduating soon keep you from excelling in the classroom. A lot of people take their foot off the gas when they see the finish line. It’s important to continue on the right path as you progress into the professional world. Your work ethic can’t stop because graduation is approaching.

There are many ways to maximize your time left here and stay connected with campus life after graduation. Fall sports are wrapping up their seasons and spring sports are starting so show support to our Cougar teams and make an appearance at games. There’s also an abundance of events occurring on campus, such as fundraisers and campus life events. Make sure to be a part of all school events to cherish your last few months as a Cougar. After graduation, you’ll still be a Misericordia Cougar with plenty of opportunity to find yourself back on campus for alumni events, such as Hall of Fame inductions, sporting events and more. We’re a family here at Misericordia and you’ll always be welcomed on campus.