Mis Main Eats: Fire and Ice


Cutler Sienko, Reporter

Located in Trucksville, Fire and Ice on Toby Creek is a hidden gem among the dining experiences offered in the Back Mountain. The average Misericordia student likely passes by this gem situated next to Sheetz often without checking the place out.

When one does step inside, though, they are greeted with a great rustic feeling throughout the establishment. Lots of natural wood fixtures, stained glass and dim lighting achieve this effect. Though the building is located right on the highway, the interior insulates the noise of the outside world quite well. The relatively nondescript exterior of Fire and Ice does not tell the whole story of this place. Even better than the ambience, however, is the food.

The menu is special as it changes throughout the day, specifically for lunch and dinner, although you cannot go wrong with whatever time of day you plan your visit.

The lunch menu includes an extensive sandwich section, with highlights such as the 3-cheese grilled cheese and the French dip sandwich. For dinner, the menu switches to various pasta dishes as well as steaks.

To start, we tried the crab rangoon and truffle and asiago fries. The crab rangoon was the special of the night and was exceptional. Sadly, these are not a permanent fixture on the menu, but definitely an item to look for during your visit. The fries gave us the impression of being house-made and, with an inoffensive amount of cheese and a lot of truffle flavor, these are an excellent choice for any lovers of that flavor. Included with every entree is soup or salad, and the Caesar salads we sampled were great, with just the right amount of dressing.

The meal continued to impress as the mains arrived. We tried the Chicken Scampi and the Penne Bolognese. The Bolognese stood out from Bolognese found at other restaurants as its sauce was on the sweeter end, but not excessive. The meat in the dish was not a typical finely-ground mix; rather, it was presented in larger groupings, achieving the look of pasta with meatballs. The twists in this dish worked rather well. The Chicken Scampi was also unique, with a distinctive tangy flavor, and was equally excellent. Both of these mains are excellent choices.

Because of the well-portioned plates, we indulged too much in our entrees to leave room for dessert, which consists of a rotating selection that changes constantly.

The cost for our meal was fair, considering the caliber of food and the type of restaurant Fire and Ice is. With an appetizer and a main course, you will spend between $20 and $60. Our bill came to around $30 per person before gratuity. If you’re looking to splurge on a good meal for a break from the ordinary, Fire and Ice is a great choice.

Fire and Ice is open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday and for dinner Tuesday through Sunday. There is a 60 to 90-minute closure between lunch and dinner service, so plan your visit accordingly.

Outdoor “igloo” seating is also available during these colder months for those who desire an outdoor setting even in the Mid-Atlantic winters. Couples should take note that Fire and Ice will offer a special four-course menu on Valentine’s Day, as well.