Mis Area Main Eats: Grotto’s Does Pizza Like No Other

Mis Area Main Eats: Grottos Does Pizza Like No Other

Isaac Glidewell and Cutler Sienko

Located at the end of Harveys Lake is a pizza place like no other: Grotto’s Pizza.

Grotto’s Pizza is a staple of food around Dallas, PA. Their prices are decent, their menu is good and their pizza is even better. The smells in the restaurant are pair perfectly with the inviting, majestic view of Harveys Lake.

We ordered a large cheese pizza topped with garlic, along with garlic bread and mint chip gelato for dessert. The staff was very friendly and punctual, as to be expected with a well-known sit-down restaurant. The timing of the pizza was very good, probably around twenty to thirty minutes.

Courtesy of Grotto Pizza

First came the buttery garlic bread. This was very good, as we tasted not just garlic but also the fresh herbs and spices on the bread. The bread itself was warm, flakey and had a very nice texture to it. We couldn’t verify this, but it tasted homemade by the chefs themselves.

Next was the pizza, which was everything we could have wanted and then some. The crust was warm and soft, but also firm and crispy around the edges. It was topped with a decent amount of cheese, good enough to taste but not enough to make the pizza extra greasy or heavy so it falls off.

The garlic was amazing and added a nice kick to every bite; it felt like they shaved a fresh clove of garlic all over each slice. The sauce was good and in excess but in a good way. It had a nice swirl all throughout the pizza and was seasoned very well. Every bite of every slice was consistent and enjoyable, and there were no bad surprises waiting for us.

Grotto’s also makes wings, which we have tried on previous occasions. We have had the boneless wings with garlic sauce. The garlic, once again, tasted fresh and buttery, and we could not get enough. The wings themselves were crunchy, hot and full of tender, juicy chicken. They definitely serve some of the best wings in the area.

Lastly came the dessert, the mint chip gelato. But hold on, this isn’t your mom and pop’s ice cream. This is real, authentic Italian gelato. If you think regular ice cream is creamy, then Grotto’s gelato takes the crown for being the full fledged thing.

It felt like it pulled back with every scoop of the baby spoon they give you because it knows you want more. Every bite is tantalizing and minty. The gelato bursts with chocolate flavor every time you bite a chip.

Courtesy of Grotto Pizza

Our only wish is that they had bigger sizes. We could not figure out how they manage to make gelato that satisfies our cravings in such an elegant and small cup, but it is definitely a dessert we recommend trying.

Grotto’s is on the top of our list of the best places to visit near campus. They’ve got pretty affordable prices, wonderful customer service and most importantly, delicious food guaranteed to satisfy all your cravings.


Grotto’s Star Ratings:

Service: 5/5
Time Efficiency: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Taste: 5/5