J&J’s: Big Plate Bargains

J&J’s: Big Plate Bargains

Isaac Glidewell and Katelyn Timms

If you have a car and like food, you’ve probably heard of J&J’s. If you haven’t, you should learn more.

J&J’s is a restaurant and bar that brings a new meaning to portion sizes. Their menu packs a punch: sandwiches and burgers to wings. It’s a great place for comfort food. We went there with our bellies empty and waltzed out holding containers of more than half of our food left over.

When a server placed us in a booth and handed us our menus, we were mesmerized by all the great choices and options, although our choices were already in mind.

We tried the chicken wing sub first. This is chopped, breaded chicken covered in a wing sauce of your choosing with either blue cheese sauce or ranch running down the middle. The mild sauce and the blue cheese dressing made for a classic but tasty combination.

When the sandwich first arrived, we were intrigued by how large it was, perfectly portioned to feed at least two people. The first bite hit with the mild sauce, which was warm and inviting, while the blue cheese helped anchor the heat. There’s a lot of bread on this sandwich, but with all of the ingredients between it, there needs to be something strong to hold that much meat and sauce together.

This isn’t your mama’s hoagie; this thing is a monster. We also got waffle fries with a side of cheese, which was a great touch that should be added as a menu piece. The fries were crispy, very crispy, with a wonderful flavor. They were what every waffle fry should be: crispy, salty, and delicious. We would go back to J&J’s just for the fries.

We also got the barbeque chicken flatbread that usually comes with bacon, though we left the bacon off this time. This is something we loved about this restaurant; J&J’s is very accommodating with customers’ food preferences, and they will customize anything just the way you want it.

The flatbread dough was light, airy and fresh.  The chicken was perfectly fried and topped with a good amount of cheese and barbeque sauce, but the toppings don’t overpower the taste of the chicken.

We could not finish it in one sitting, so we brought the rest back to campus and ate it the next day.  Even after a day, it was good right out of the refrigerator, no need to heat it up.

The service was okay, as the restaurant it was very busy, so the servers have a rough time keeping up with the many tables. However, the food was well worth the wait, even though it took a little longer than expected.

If you don’t want to sit, J&J’s also offers carryout options. But having a seat and enjoying a meal is a great choice because the casual atmosphere is cool. There’s giant silverware and a natural wood slab table in the dining area, which creates a charming feeling.

We were very pleased with the quality of the food, the atmosphere and even the service, even though the hustling servers were slightly delayed to the table. But after we finished our meal, it wasn’t difficult to understand why they were so busy with the delicious options they had.


Isaac’s Score:

Food- 5 stars

Price- 4 stars

Time Efficiency- 3 stars

Customer Service – 3 stars

Katelyn’s Score

Food- 5 stars

Price- 4 stars

Time Efficiency – 3 stars

Service- 3.5 stars