Three Guys Offers Three Times the Flavor

Three Guys Offers Three Times the Flavor

Chase Shustack, Columinst

When most people think of home, they think of food.

Maybe you’re a senior from New Jersey who is so tired of McDonalds, you want to knock that smile right off Ronald McDonald’s chops, or maybe you’re a freshman from Scranton, who is sick of getting DoorDash and wondering why you paid $30 for a cold hoagie from Subway. Or, as good as Metz Dining is (which I feel obligated to say), you want something a bit more homestyle or exotic.

Well, I’m here to recommend local places that will satisfy your every hunger craving and maybe even save gas, too.

Our first stop on our culinary adventure down our highway of flavor is a little place known as Three Guys. It’s not too far from Misericorida, just along Memorial Highway heading straight, or if you’re really brave, a brisk pace across an active highway from campus. In fact, you could see the top of good old Mercy Tower from the patio, that’s how close it is.

Three Guys is a warm, inviting place, a cross between a neighborhood lounge and a sports bar. The atmosphere is always welcoming, even in these unconventional times we find ourselves stuck in. There’s always laughter, high-energy chatter, music and TVs showing the latest football scores and the local news.

In terms of food, there is a menu that could satisfy three guys (get it?), filled with a variety of delicious entrees and appetizers. With a combination of classic bar foods meets pizza, hoagies, wraps and pasta, there’s a bit of something for everyone here, no matter how picky the palette.

garlic parmesan wings

For appetizers, there are the crispiest, cheesiest mozzarella sticks deep-fried in beer batter, Irish nachos (potato pancakes covered in a mound of sour cream, scallions, bacon, and cheese), crab stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped kielbasa bites and my personal favorite, pretzel sticks with beer cheese.

These are some of the softest, fluffiest pretzels I have had, and an order includes three of them, each of which are almost half as big as your forearm. And let us not forget the beer cheese. It is, by the grace of God, a mixture of smokey, melted cheddar cheese blended with the rich malt tang of beer to make what I can only describe as a creamy, golden ambrosia.

Readers, I know you can’t see me, but I have just kissed my fingers like an Italian chef, and I advise you to do the same.

The appetizers aren’t the only kick in the mouth your tastebuds are going to get. You can get fries that can be slathered in tangy buffalo chicken and bleu cheese, coated in cheesesteak (with the works!) and a generous amount of crab meat, sharp cheese and Old Bay.

But of course, no sane person alive orders just fries! You can try a wrap with housemade Porchetta or a sandwich, made with on a brioche roll or a Texas Toast rubbed down in garlic butter. You can also try a grilled cheese with bacon and garlic butter Texas Toast.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

But let’s say you want to try the star of the show: Three Guys famous brick oven pizza. Made with creamy Wisconsin and fresh mozzarella, a tangy, sweet sauce whose recipe is kept tight-lipped by Three Guys employees and served on a charred, crunchy crust, this pizza comes in a variety of custom flavors and styles, from the peppery bite of Chicken Wing, the extra cheesey spice of White Cheese, and for someone who wants it all, Sweep the Kitchen offers everything in one bite.

Of course, for people 21 years and older, there is a wide selection of beers and wines. There are a variety of different brew flavors, from dozens of different breweries from across the state and beyond, so there is something for everyone, from the first-timer to the seasoned chug-a-lug. Also, to my older readers, if you can, please find the beer they use in the beer cheese dip – that would be just tops if you can.

If you’re looking for a place to hang with friends to see some live entertainment, or maybe take the visiting folks out somewhere nice, or you want to just grab a beer and watch the game, don’t just double down. Triple down with Three Guys and have a meal you’ll never forget.