Hacks to End the Semester Right


Mitchell Hall, Columnist

As another semester comes to a close, here are some hacks to help you prepare for the next  one.


Have you ever worried about what you’re going to eat for breakfast and when? Here is the perfect thing for you in terms of both time and flavor. All it takes is a mug, two eggs, some cheddar cheese, and a splash of milk. Oh, and a microwave.

Crack both eggs, put them into your mug, and stir them up. Then, add your cheese (however much you desire) and a splash of milk. After that, microwave for 45 seconds and stir again. Heat it for another 45 seconds and then you can enjoy your quick and tasty breakfast.

I tried this myself and shaved several minutes off my time in the morning, which allowed me to be able to do important things like study. Minutes are valuable to a college kid trying to get to class.


You take a look at your fridge during the weekend and realize you need groceries, perhaps eggs, so you can make that quick mug breakfast. Take a picture of your cabinets and your fridge so you know what you have. This will help you know what you need from the store so you don’t waste money by buying things you already have.

Mitchell Hall

Taking a photo helped me to fill my fridge when I went grocery shopping. It also helped my friend who deals with the issue of not writing down a list for shopping.

Everyone can relate to running out of money after a big shopping trip to the grocery store. This next grocery hack isn’t really a “hack” but more of a piece of advice.

Start a change jar that you can build up every time you buy something or you break a dollar. Keep it on your desk, on your dresser or anywhere  you will remember so you can put your leftover change in it. A grocery store with a coin exchange machine would be happy to give you bills in exchange for your coins.

You could also sort the change, take it to a bank which would also give you bills in exchange for your change. I took my change to a bank and got a $20 bill from saving change for two months.


So, you’ve eaten breakfast and know what you need from the store. Now, you’re ready for your day, but there’s one problem: you have gotten your notebooks mixed up and you are not quite sure what you are going to do to remember which subjects are in which notebook.

Mitchell Hall

Here is a solution: Use a highlighter to color your notebook, preferably on the top of the page (also known as the rim).

Color coding is very helpful in organizing your notebooks but make sure you use a different color for each subject so as not to get other subjects mixed up.

Thanks to color-coding my notebooks, I now know where each subject is and it helps me to find them quicker during class.