Hacks Perfect for College Freshmen


Putting your chargers in a paper towel and toilet paper roll is an easy way to keep them organized and out of the way.

Mitchell Hall, Columnist

This semester is quickly coming to a close and another one will be here before you know it. Here are some hacks that will help first-time college students adjust to a new way of life when the next semester rolls around.


I want you to try and think back to your first day of college or the day you started preparing for it. You were probably asking yourself, “How am I going to remember where all of my classes are?”

For this first hack, I have the perfect solution for your fears. Take a photo of your schedule with your phone and put it as your lock screen so you always have it if you can’t remember where a certain room is.

I got lost on my first day at Misericordia and thought about how I could help myself remember where I had to go, so I tried this hack. Now, I always have my schedule with me if, by some chance, I forget.

Coloring coding your keys is a great way to help you remember which keys go where.


Now that you have your schedule on you, it’s time to get settled into your dorm. The only problem is, you are not sure what key unlocks your room because you might have several other keys on your lanyard or key ring. Here is a creative way to remember what keys go where.

Paint the top part of your keys in different colors so you can determine which key belongs to which door. It’s essentially color-coding; a certain color can represent a certain lock.

I painted my house key in red, my locker key in blue and my other keys in green and purple so I knew what each key was for.


You have your schedule handy and your keys organized, now you have to start putting your room together. If you have a messy room or dorm like I do, you might need a way to keep your computer and charger wires in a nice, neat spot where they won’t be in the way of other items.

Roll up whatever cord you are trying to put away and slide it into a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll and label it something like “Computer Charger” so you know what cord goes to what device.

I have two computers that were always getting tangled up and getting in the way of each other, so I labeled one “laptop” and the other “laptop mini” so I knew which one went to which computer.


There are ways of lessening garbage, like recycling more while you’re attending college. A good way I have found to help with garbage is to create your own garbage can. There is a very simple way to make your own without having to spend money.

Fold a garbage bag into a upside down bar stool to make a homemade can for your garbage. You can easily find cheap garbage bags at the supermarket. Then you need to find a cheap bar stool that I’m sure any thrift store or flea market would have.

I wanted to try this for myself, so I picked up a cheap bar stool from a friend who was selling furniture. I folded the bag around the legs of the stool and spread out the bag so it would catch whatever I threw in it.

I hope these hacks help you as start on your journey through college.