College Hacks to Help You Pass the Test

Mitchell Hall, Columinst

I dislike studying almost as much as taking the exam itself. Unfortunately, I do not have a hack for taking your test, but I do have a hack for not only helping you study for a test but for passing it, as well.


Having a snack incentive for reading your textbook can help you tremendously. Select your favorite small snack like gummy bears and place them at certain areas of the page you have to read. Don’t use chocolate because that will make a mess, which can be problematic if you’re renting your books. I attempted this hack when trying to study for my psychology exam. I put a candy at the end of each paragraph which helped me to finish the reading by rewarding me with a treat at the end.


You might work up a thirst from all that reading. But when you go for a drink from your fridge, you find the cans have rolled all over the shelf they were stacked on. Rolling could have been prevented with a simple binder clip. Attach the clip to one of the bars of the shelf.

The binder clip is a sturdy place holder that will hold your drinks perfectly stacked in the pyramid shape you put them in. That way, your drinks stay cold and in the perfect shape for you to grab one in a hurry. A close friend of mine

tried this hack with the sodas in his fridge because the last time he stacked his drinks, they all came crashing down and made a mess of his floor. The clips did a tremendous job of holding his pyramid of drinks together when he opened and closed the fridge door.




Your drinks are cold and you’ve studied with snacking; now, the dreaded day of this exam has arrived. Before you leave the house, a thought occurs to you that your seat is next to the only guy in class who never has a writing utensil. You know he is going to try and steal your pen if you leave the class during the test for a bathroom break or something like that.

There’s an easy solution to this. Replace the cartridge in your red pen with blue ink. No one wants to steal a red pen because instructors use red and, if you write in red ink, it interferes with their grading. Students try to stay away from red pens. Switching the ink will act as a repellent to thieves who steal pens and pencils, but will give you something to write with at the same time.

A girl in one of my classes always stole my pens, but, when I left a pen with red ink in it, she never stole from me again.

I hope these hacks have helped you study, keep your drinks together and keep the pen thieves away.