More Hacks to Help You Stay Cool

Mitchell Hall, Columinst


When the warm weather comes around, you had better be ready to combat the heat with more than just a fan. There is no need to be afraid, though, because there is a simple hack you can do to cool your living space. Place frozen bottles of water in front of your fan and, in just a few minutes, your room will cool to a crisp temperature you can enjoy.

Placing a frozen water bottle in front of a fan is an easy to make sure your living spaces stay cool in the heat.

Place the bottles in a freezer or whatever type of cool area you can access. Once the bottles are frozen, simply put them in front of your fan. An important tip is to put a towel down first so the condensation from the bottles won’t get your floor wet.

The fan will blow on the bottles which will cool the air around you, thus cooling the room. You also have the option of keeping spare bottles in the freezer, so you can switch them out when the ones in front of your fan are fully defrosted. I attempted this hack and I know the effects a simple frozen water bottle can have. My room went from a sauna to a chilled igloo.


Now that your room is chilled, you can get some sleep for that big exam you’ve prepared for. Unfortunately, you’ve dropped your phone or glasses in between your bed and the wall. You can’t reach what you’ve dropped because it’s too far down and now you have to do what you truly feared: move the entire bed so you can grab what you’ve dropped.

If you do this simple hack, though, there would be no need to move the bed. Take a pool noodle you would use to float in a pool and place it in the space between your bed and the wall.

The noodle will fill in the space and prevent you from losing your phone or glasses. Having the space filled will not only save you from dropping your items, but will also lower the risk of anything getting broken. A pool noodle has saved my phone from falling plenty of times because sometimes I’ll place it on my bed and forget it’s there.


After a long week of taking tests and writing essays, it’s time to do the dreaded laundry. You might be wondering if there is some way you can get your laundry done and still have time to hang out with your friends or even write a column. (That’s the part where I wink at you, which you can’t actually see.) There’s no need to fear, though, the laundry cheat sheet is here to save the day.

An easy way to construct a laundry cheat sheet is to attach it to your hamper or whatever basket may hold your clothes. The sheet can help you identify those strange symbols you see on the tags of your clothing and assist you in determining how to wash your clothes without ruining them. For example, did you know that some clothes can’t be washed in a washing machine at all? Those types of clothes must be hand-washed and the symbol that can help you is a hand inside a bucket full of water.

Hopefully these hacks will help you stay cool throughout your time in college.

Making a laundry cheat sheet can help keep your laundry organized and take away the stress of doing laundry.