Captain’s Corner

Mike Diakunczak, Columnist

Tyler Colonno, junior  psychology major, has fought his way to become a leader for the football team. Heading into his senior year, Colonno was a starter of 29 games as one of the superior offensive lineman over the last three seasons. To top that, he was recently labeled as an honorable mention for First All-MAC after the 2018-2019 season.

Colonno has cemented himself as a team player. As his roommate and teammate the past three years, it didn’t take long for me to realize his selfless trait. When interviewing him for this article, he quickly decided to speak about his biggest team accomplishments instead of his personal ones. I had to remind him of his personal achievements.

However, Colonnos’ biggest team accomplishments would not shock anyone. The Cougars had a 2018-2019 season to remember: 8-3 record, undefeated on the road,  host of a post-season bowl game, most wins in a season and the list goes on.

“This past season was magical. We turned it all around. First winning season, first bragging rights over the valley, first post-season trip. Just so many “firsts” to be excited about,” said Colonno.

When it comes to finding his passion to play football, Colonno thanks his parents.

“My dad loves to talk about football, so I can admire him for teaching me the game and my mom is the biggest football mom you can meet so I’ll shout her out since she is the one to never let me quit,” said Colonno.

There is another thing keeping Colonno going. He said he takes the chances other people never get.

“My biggest motivation is to play for the people that can’t. Some people are born differently. If it is a difference in physical or mental abilities, I think about the chances they don’t have and I’m lucky to have. I play for them,” said Colonno.

Colonno now has a chance to enter his final season of football as a potential captain for the Cougars. Captain or not, he knows that the Cougarsare ready to put the foot deeper on the gas pedal heading into next season.

“We showed what Misericordia football is about. Now, what better way to go out by making history again,” said Colonno.

Colonnos’ last ride, and the 2019-2020 season, will kick off in September.