Writer’s Room: A Light in a Dark Room

Ayanna Dexter, Columnist

Your words tear down the wall that I have held up with titanium. Your love is my Kryptonite and I yearn for it every chance I get.

It’s such a disbelief that you choose me out of all the rest. You’ve made me your target and I’m frightened to let you hit. 

I’m sorry. 

I’m just not use to all the good you have said and done.

Telling me that you want every piece of me, all or none. Acknowledging my beauty and brains, there’s no pain when we play this game of ping pong. 

Each swing you take, you win each time but how blind am I to see in time that you are for me? 

I have yet to feel this close in comfort to any dark man of skin, it’s strange to me to be side to side with you.