Show and Tell

Zoe Laporte, Web Editor

Fall break is officially over, and while it was short it definitely helped me regain some energy to finish out the semester. I’ll be honest – I spent most of this break lying in bed watching Netflix originals. So let me tell you about them!

I finally started watching “Black Mirror,” which is a series that explores some of our deepest fears regarding technology: somebody watching or recording us through our phones or laptop cameras. to give an example. Every hour-long episode is a new concept, which makes it easy to watch. There are three seasons on Netflix now with a fourth on the horizon. I am only three episodes into the series but I will continue watching!

I binge-watched the entirety of “Big Mouth” over break for some reason. “Big Mouth” is an animated show that addressed the pains of puberty and growing up. It was so weird, and I’m not sure I would recommend it to anyone. It gave me a “Bob’s Burgers” vibe, which was nice but it is definitely not as family appropriate.

Amazon Prime’s “Lore” is great so far. I am halfway through the documentary-style series, and have learned a lot of interesting information about how fears like being buried alive came to be. I am sincerely hoping for a second season.

Even though October is halfway over, Netflix has some spooky releases still on the way.

Season one of “Mindhunter,” a psychological crime drama about two FBI agents, is greeted by amazing reviews. I’ve casually added it to my watch list, mostly because Jonathan Groff stars in it.

Stephen King’s 2010 novella “1922” was released as a Netflix original film. I follows a farmer who conspires to kill his wife with the help of his son while and shows the psychological effects the characters face.

Finally, Netflix released a “Breaking Amish” type documentary titled “One of Us,” which tells some heart-breaking stories about people leaving the Hasidic community. One of the people the documentary follows is leaving an abusive relationship while silenced by the Hasidic religion. It does not look like it will be lighthearted, but it will be interesting.

If you have time to watch some new movies, here are some films currently in theaters or soon to be:

“Geostorm” gives off end-of-the-world vibe by showing how a weather regulating system (named “Dutch Boy,” which is scary enough on its own) becomes a weapon of mass destruction.

Tyler Perry has released “Boo! 2: A Madea Halloween” as a sequel to the original “A Madea Halloween,” perfect for those who would rather laugh on Halloween than be scared out of their minds.

For the latter, however, another installment to the famous “Saw” series will be released at the end of October. “Jigsaw” doesn’t really look like an original story, but instead another gruesome film about putting strangers through horrible trials. “Saw” films are an acquired taste that I never got into, but maybe “Jigsaw” will change that.

If you’re into scary movies with drama, you might enjoy “The Snowman.” A detective fears that as the first snow of winter lands, a serial killer from the past will become active again. Honestly, the trailer gave me the chills!

Releasing in-sync with global events like the current California wildfires, “Only the Brave” tells the true story of a group of firefighters called the “Granite Mountain Hotshots” fighting to protect their community. This biographical drama focuses not on the problems they face, but how working together with friends can overcome anything.

Another film based on true events will be released at the end of October: “Thank You For Your Service.” This flick follows a group of U.S. soldiers returning home from Iraq and trying to assimilate back into regular civilian life.

Other than season eight of “The Walking Dead” and season two of “Stranger Things” premiering in the tail-end of October, there are not many exciting television releases at the moment. Hopefully November will bring us something good.