Yesterday’s Students Today

Destiny Anderson, Reporter

Welcome to Yesterday’s Students Today! I will be catching up with Misericordia University alumni who are now working in the media field. From musicians, journalists, photographers, news anchors, marketers, talent booking agents and more, Misericordia has helped shape and prepare countless media professionals over the years. These professionals started out here in a variety of majors, ranging from mass communications and design, business, marketing, English, and more. Some of our alumni have gone far and wide to pursue the perfect opportunities, while others have found their niche in helping our community expand. The opportunities for not only jobs, but careers, in media are vast and growing, and our alumni are shining examples of how far one can go in the field.

The alumni I have encountered through my years here have seemingly countless examples of the ways in which their Misericordia educations are unique and irreplaceable. Misericordia’s approach to education utilizes approaches that may not be as heavily emphasized by other universities. For example, the university’s small class sizes allow for more interaction between students and professors than one might find at at larger universities. Students have a close-knit community with their peers that helps them grow personally and professionally.

However, I would argue that the biggest aspect that makes this university unique is the emphasis on experience. Students, perhaps especially those involved in media in some form or another, are encouraged to grow their knowledge through experiences connected to, or similar to, the “real world”. Instead of packed lecture halls and monotonous hours of memorization, students here receive encouragement to build their portfolios and resumes with unique, hands-on experiences. Not only are these experiences encouraged; they are widely available. From a variety of student-run media, such as The Highlander, Cougar Radio, and MCN 87, work study opportunities such as university marketing and theater production, recreational experience in the arts such as semi-annual theater productions, and artistic clubs like Service by Design to on- and off-campus internships with organizations such as the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, there are countless opportunities available for students in every major.

Finally, as an introduction to the columnist: I am a senior mass communications and design major, and am beginning year two as Music Director of Cougar Radio. I have had the pleasure of engaging in experiences such as student media and internships, and have heard many stories from fellow students about their  experiences. However, my interest in creating this column is seeing how those experiences carry over to the job market and careers. While professors and staff are highly encouraging, it can feel as if there is a disconnect between their experiences and ours, as they are seasoned professionals who come from varying backgrounds and education levels. Speaking with  alumni, I believe, will create a more relatable experience for students who are curious about what alumni have faced entering the media job market. I would like to know the skills and knowledge alumni have gained during their time at Misericordia, such as personal confidence, interview skills, and networking connections, along with other qualifications, which enabled them to achieve their career goals. I know these alumni will have exceptional insight to share.

I am thrilled to bring you their stories. I hope you find them thrilling – and inspiring – too.