Stylin’ and Profilin’ : Christmas List


Lena Williams

Lena Williams, Columnist

Christmas time is here! If you have not been putting together your Christmas list throughout this entire year (some people do), you are probably doing it now. As we are decorating our rooms with everything Santa Claus and snowman-themed, and we are also all looking forward to what will be under the Christmas tree! I went around campus again asking some of our peers about the fashion-related gifts they would like for Christmas. It could be a coat for the upcoming frigid weather, a pair of new shoes to replace the old ones, or an accessory that you have had your eye on for the past few months.

First year communications major Parker Abate said cozy flannels are one of his favorite pieces of clothing to wear. “They are comfortable and have the ability to keep you warm no matter where you are,” Abate said. Because he is wearing the same handful of flannels that he owns, he would like to add a few new cozy pieces to his wardrobe for Christmas this year.

Junior undeclared major Kathleen Brown said she is also looking to add to her current style. “I would like a new rain jacket because the zipper on mine is broken.”

She said a rain coat will be beneficial because of the constant rainy and frigid weather up here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She would like it to be yellow because it is a happy color. “If I could make one person smile on a rainy day, then I have completed my goal for that day,” Brown said.

Next I spoke with first year information technology major Haley Fitzgerald. Haley tends to not ask for Christmas gifts anymore, but she is very interested in having an everyday wear watch. To be specific, she is attracted to the color rose-gold. “I want a rose-gold watch because not only is a watch an amazing accessory, but also a utility. In addition, rose-gold is a versatile color that can go with almost anything,” Fitzgerald said.

I then chatted with junior accounting major Jamie Egan. Egan would like to receive a pair of Cole Haan oxford dress shoes for Christmas.

“The reason why I chose these shoes specifically is because Cole Haan shoes are the most comfortable and stylish shoes that I have owned,” said Egan. In addition he likes the oxford style compared to the standard derby dress shoe because oxfords are more stylish and give an outfit a more classic appeal.

Lastly, sophomore communications major Ron Williams said light-weight cardigans have been on the top of his Christmas wish list for a while. He feels that it is impossible to find light-weight cardigans for men in the stores he tends to shop. “I am not terrible when it comes to color or style, but a thin cardigan that I can wear all year, even in July, would absolutely make my day,” he said.

These all sound like great gifts to ask for this holiday. Christmas time is a great time to incorporate staple pieces into your wardrobe. Personally, I tend to ask for two or three fashion-related gifts that I would not typically buy on a regular day. I hope everyone receives everything they ask for, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!