Fashion Digest: Stylin’ and Profilin’


Lena Williams

Lena Williams , Columnist

Believe it or not, the 70’s are back! Now before you scream, I am not saying you have to become a hippie. However, there are specific pieces of clothing and fabric that have been showing up in designers’ collections and gradually making it into clothing stores. To put you all at ease, we all know that 70’s fashion was very eccentric. Thankfully, clothing designers have perfectly executed the modernizing of 70’s fashion.

The first popular piece of clothing that emerged during the 70’s were bell bottoms! If you do not know what bell bottoms are, they are pants that begin to flare out at the knee.

Now, I know most of us have not worn flare or boot cut pants since around 2007, and we are still attached to our skinny jeans, but sometimes it is good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Flare jeans are not for everyone, but it would be interesting to incorporate these into your wardrobe if you frequently wear some type of heel or wedge. Bell bottoms can also give you some shape or accentuate your curves, especially if they are high waisted. When wearing bell bottoms or flare jeans, be sure to pair them with a fitted top and shoe with a heel.

This fall, suede fabric clothing is also coming back. Suede is frequently seen in skirts and not only is this soft leather very stylish, but it is perfect for the fall.

There isn’t a lot of suede clothing in stores at the moment, but on the runway suede has been used in a number different of ways and in a variety of colors. When it begins to get colder and you decide you want to wear your toffee-colored suede skirt, throw on some warm-colored tights, a flowy blouse and your favorite pair of dress shoes.

Lastly, fringe is another trend. When you think of fringe, you automatically imagine the old American West cowboy jackets. However, designers have been putting fringe on jackets, shoes and bags to give their clothing a very edgy and retro look.

Fringe is one of those things that you do not want to have too much of in one outfit. You should simply have one piece of clothing or accessory that has fringe on it, or you might resemble a string mop head. The popular saying, less is more, is applicable to the use and styling of fringe.

Even after reading this article, I am sure some of you are still not feeling this trend. Honestly, it is going to take some time to fully understand it because not only did the 70’s make classic and iconic fashion statements, it ushered in a revolutionary political movement as well.

Nevertheless, I strongly encourage you to explore this modernized 70’s trend and do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!