Fashion Digest: Stylin’ n Profilin’

Lena Williams, Reporter

Summer break is quickly approaching and it is time for us to start shopping for sundresses, sandals and bathing suits! I’m sure most of us will be going to the beach at least once, so bathing suits are a key element in our wardrobe. Now, I bet most of you wouldn’t believe that one-piece bathing suits are actually coming back into style. Yes, I repeat one-piece bathing suits are coming back into style! When we hear one-piece bathing suits we think of boring, conservative and something that we wore when we were small children. In some cases this might be true, but the one-pieces that have been circling around social media, fashion blogs and fashion magazines are nowhere near boring and made for younger girls. If you’re still in disbelief, or you are not feeling one-piece bathing suits, ,then just sit tight and I’ll explain why you should buy a one-piece.

I asked some of my friends if they would buy a one-piece suit, and I got a mix of yes and no for different reasons. Some thought that one-piece suits would be more flattering, and others thought they would give them a weird tan. The main concern is the fit on their body types. Unfortunately a woman’s beach body is, and has always been, the issue. If your body type is keeping you from buying a one-piece bathing suit, I have done intensive research to help you find  the best bathing suit for your body type.

Most suits have built-in compression panels and molded cup bras. I have heard from some girls who have a larger busts that it is very difficult to find supportive suits. If you are one of these girls, you should look at halter top one-piece bathing suits. The built-in underwire cups will keep you supported weather you’re soaking up the sun or swimming in the waves. Girls who have a tummies and think that one-piece suits won’t be flattering on them are completely wrong! One-piece  suits that have eye-catching prints such as florals and Aztec prints will disguise your stomach so you can feel comfortable and confident.

At the end of the day ladies, you should wear whatever bathing suit makes you feel most confident. My job is to inform you about what’s in and what’s out, and only you can determine if you want to follow or not. I know many of us are concerned about our bodies, and watching Victoria Secret models during the Victoria Secret fashion show does not help because we compare ourselves to them. The best piece of advice that I can give is to be comfortable in the skin you’re in. I know it sounds a cliché, but it’s the truth.