Fashion Digest: Stylin’ n Profilin’

Lena Williams, Columnist

   As we move into the awkward transition of the seasons, it is time to switch out our big, warm sweaters for cute maxi skirts. Many of us struggle with what we’re going to wear during this time because one day it’s warm and the next it’s winter again. I have some ideas that might be a starting point for you to figure out what to out of your closet.

   We are still going to experience some chilly days in Northeast Pennsylvania. So don’t be so quick to pack up your cardigans and sweatshirts. A light sweater and a jacket should keep you warm enough. In addition, you should substitute your chunky sweaters and hats for lighter scarves and thin, knit beanies.

   Ladies, it is time for to put away your Uggs! I repeat, put the overpriced and overrated boots away! Every once in a while when you have to take a quick trip to the store you can slip them on, but you should not be wearing them with your outfits on the daily. I know Uggs are very comfortable, and I will admit that I love my lime green ones, but they are not the ideal shoes that should be worn when the weather is getting warmer. Wearing Uggs in the summer is one of the top fashion crimes. I am surprised that these shoes are still being worn since 2006. I thought that they would’ve gone out of style quickly like gauchos did. However, the company is actually very smart by creating Uggs in different colors, prints and textures.

   The first thing we think of when we connect fashion and spring is bright colors and florals. Some of you might agree with Miranda Priestly’s sarcastic line from “the Devil Wears Prada” about how floral prints for spring is “groundbreaking.” Fashion industry insiders are always trying to introduce new trends and bring back old ones, so, yes, in that sense florals are not a raging trend. Prints do give clothes personality, and luckily, there are thousands of prints that we can wear in the spring. If you read my first article on fashion trends in fashion week then you would know that gingham is very popular right now. You should also invite some bright colors into your wardrobe. Bright colors sends a message to people that you want to be seen, and if you like being in the center of attention (in a good way) this is  for you. If you’re more on the shy side or have a more simple chic style then just incorporate accessories like a vibrantly color purse.

   The transition from winter to spring is hard because we are all dying to wear our maxi dresses and sandals, but we can’t when Mother Nature wants to surprise us with a snow storm. Hmm. That sounds familiar.