Student Success Center Offers Safe Services

Student Success Center Offers Safe Services

Jessica Oltman, Reporter

Tutors and clients of the Student Success Center are mastering distance tutoring and other services.

Most services are available online so students and staff can maintain safety requirements.  However, a limited amount of in-person tutoring sessions are still offered, said Director Jessica Nelson.

SSC hours are extended to 10 p.m., and students may use study rooms as they take online classes or get some work done.

Nelson said students are responding well to the changes.

“I am impressed with the resiliency and great attitudes that students are demonstrating. I think that as a community, we are even more aware of what a privilege it is to learn together and are less likely to take our resources for granted,” she said.

Brooke Mertz, junior psychology Pre-DPT major and tutor, said sessions are going well.

“It is definitely very different tutoring people through a Zoom session, but I am still happy that I get to help students succeed in a subject they may be struggling in and offer them the help that they need,” Mertz said.

Nelson said she and the other staff praise the hard work students have been putting and emphasized how important it is for everyone to continue work together during this time.

“It also has become more apparent than ever how important our campus partners are to helping us support students, as we are leaning on faculty, coaches and other staff and departments more than ever to help students navigate new challenges,” Nelson said.

She hopes students understand the importance of pushing through these unprecedented times together.

“We are talking with students daily about the importance of personal responsibility, encouraging mask wearing and usage of the LiveSafe app. Our move to virtual services are all in response to social distancing and sanitation requirements,” she said.