Residents Seek Rooms of Their Own

Chase Shustack, Reporter

A new housing option offers students rooms of their own.

Single rooms are available in three buildings: Alumnae Hall, McGowan Hall, and the White House, which may be a more tempting place for upper class students who may enjoy a “homestyle” living experience.

Single-living space is limited. and room assignments are determined by the annual lottery system, said AJ Nudo, Director of Residence Life.

“It goes by seniority. The earlier you come in, the higher one the list you’ll be,” explained Nudo.

Seniors can apply first, while freshman are last.

“But anyone on campus can participate, so long as they currently live on campus.”

The two most popular residence options are the townhouses, which come fully equipped with household conveniences, and the suites in McGowan, which come with all amenities, save for bathrooms, which are shared.

Nudo said living alone is not necessarily better than living with roommates.

“It’s more up to preference,” Nudo said. “It really depends on how comfortable the student is.”

“Personally, I think living with a group of people is better,” said Alexandria Steele, first year healthcare management major and pre-DPT. “You can socialize more, maybe find someone in your major even. It’s an easier way to make relationships on campus”

Khalis Bell, sophomore information technology major, said solo living has benefits.

“Let’s say you’re studying, and you wouldn’t have anyone to bother you. And if your roommate is an athlete and gets up earlier than you, than you wouldn’t have any trouble sleeping in alone.”