How is Your Campus Dining Experience?

Iana Davis, Reporter

Staffers are trying to satisfy students’ diverse culinary tastes in campus food selections, and they are looking for student feedback to guide improvements.

“Some students are having issues with the food not being salty enough, and others are having issues with the food being too salty. What is good for one person may not be tasteful for another person and that is where it gets difficult,” said Gardyney Deshomme, food committee member and government law and national security major.

Deshomme said officials find it challenging to take action because it is unclear how students can be satisfied.

“Things like costs of certain foods and the lack of clear and coherent feedback from our students play a role in the difficulties to decide what is the next best move to make,” he said.

Staffers have issued a new survey to gather information about what students want on their plates. Past survey results led committee members  to add a pasta station, providing students with an alternative choice.

“Surveys are super effective! The group of individuals who receive the surveys actually sit down and dissect every issue brought up and every good idea recommended,” Deshomme said.

The food committee is made up eight members who meet once each month to consider student feedback.

Another recent change was the addition of crystal clear, steamed cups for the students to use.

“I feel that the new menu that our current Executive Chef Mike Hoffman has worked to create is a complete overhaul and upgrade from what was coming from that kitchen before his time,” said senior marketing intern Edward Okeke, who also sits on the food committee as an employee.

Okeke hopes students understand that staff is moving as quickly as possible to make improvements and respond to students’ requests.

“With the recent switch to more local vendors for a wider variety of fruit options available, to the staffing decisions in the kitchen that have created a wider variety of desserts in the Dining Hall, a redesign of the signage in the Dining Hall to help relay nutritional information and menu information at every station in the Dining Hall, and even things as small as putting napkin dispensers on every table in the Dining Hall, there are things being done gradually to increase the convenience of your experience in the Dining Hall,” Okeke said.