Commuter Club Welcomes Resident Students

Teresa Davis, Reporter

Commuter Club members are trying to grow by recruiting new officers, holding more game nights and attracting more members, including resident students.

Members will recruit four new officers this semester, and they hope more game nights will happen in the future. Most game nights are held at a designated time and date and consist of many games, which are are open to all students, members and residents alike. Games are held biweekly in the Henry Student Lounge. Some members even bring their friends to hang out, play games and bond.

Members also have movie nights and even bowling nights off campus. They carpool and go to restaurants, and they even go ice skating as a group.

“We do movie nights and game nights, we carpool to restaurants, we have cooked together in the lounge many times, we had a Superbowl party, and we had a Halloween party in Henry Lounge where we had a Steelers monkey and a Woody from ‘Toy Story,’” said Zoe Ostrowski, junior medical imaging major.

Members also hold multiple fundraisers.

“We actually had a fundraiser in the beginning of last year, and we sold Go Funko pops, and we tried doing just a bake sale. We had a better success this year with doing a bake sale in March, and we are doing a Gertrude Hawk fundraiser,” says Krasson.

Because service is one of the charisms of the Sisters of Mercy, club members participate in service projects together to build a sense of community and service. They have volunteered at The Meadows senior living center and nursing facility.

“We paint windows and have a good relationship with them now,” Krasson said.

Because members have multiple schedules, the club is adjusting and holding weekly meetings when everyone  has some downtime to relax with the other members and their friends. Resident students may join, and add to the roster of 20 members.

Most changes will not happen until newly elected officers take over. Members say all students are always welcome.