Metz offers new look, pumpkin spice, too

Michael Murphy, Reporter

Cooperation is the secret to new food selections and other changes to the offerings of Metz Culinary Management.

Brent Postal, Metz Culinary Operations Manager, said interactions with students and campus committees leads him and other members of the Metz Culinary team to improve the dining experience.

New offerings include a pasta station, which is open daily; an extra station on Bravo, which rotates Latin foods; Italian ice; a coffee station, which is new for this year, and even new ice cream flavors.

Staffers also prefer to go with seasonal flavors on items such as coffee and ice cream.

“In the next couple weeks, you will see things such as pumpkin spice,” Postal said.

Postal’s role encompasses the catering department, the dining hall front of house staff, including¬† line servers, cashiers and dishwashers, and he is also involved in marketing efforts.

“As a group, we all work together in all operations.”

Crews recently installed new technology, including digital signs, to communicate menu items to diners. The signage will list specials, and gluten free and vegetarian options more effectively, he said.

Staffers havealso found ways to keep diners at their tables, placing some of their must-haves in one place for convenience.

“We have done little things, such as having napkin dispensers at every table now,” Postal said.

Students will notice more new features in the coming weeks. Postal said he has received positive student feedback about the changes.

In addition to making sure diners enjoy their experience, Postal is involved with making some other, very important, decisions.

“I am also involved in the hiring process as well,” he said.Postal sees rewarding parts of his job from the students, especially when they ate satisfied with their overall product.

He said he noticed how friendly students are on his very first day on the job.

“When they leave here, and they say they had a good time and tell us the food was great, that is our goal and that is what we strive to do,” he said.

The Metz Culinary team is always busy with catering events.  The Legacy Brunch, is upcoming, and Postal said that Homecoming is always a major event.

“We have homecoming weekend coming up, so we are going to be doing some tailgating food and drink options,” he said.

Every football Saturday, the Metz team treks up to the football field to introduce the Chick-Fil-A stand, another one of the newest features.

In addition, Metz an ice cream tent on site during football games.

Postal enjoys all the activities, and there is clearly no shortage of them.

“There are always events, we are always busy, and we prefer it that way,”Postal said.