Pep Band Pumps Up School Spirit

Jen Mathiesen, Reporter

After years of silence at sporting events, the Pep band is finally making some noise.

Sophomore occupational therapy major Molly Betz along with assistant professor of fine arts Ryan Weber began creating a pep band last year. Betz proposed the band because she was interested in finding a way to capitalize on her love of music – and that of her fellow students.

“Our band is made up of students from all majors who have a love for music,” said Betz.

Her musical interests stem from her family members, many of whom play musical instruments.

“Music is just such an important part of my life as well as my favorite hobby.”

Many student members took part in bands and music programs at their high schools. They now carried these talents into the pep Band, where they use them daily to play multiple instruments.

“We are very woodwind-heavy, with many more flutes than other instruments, but each individual instrumentalist is strong and talented,” said Betz.

The pep band meets once or twice a week for usually an hour. The days depend on members’ availability.

“Even though the pep band is small, we have some very talented musicians. Of course we are looking to grow, but for being in our first year we have gotten great responses from the faulty, staff, parents and alumni. I am very excited to see how it grows in future years, “ said sophomore physical therapy student, Sarah Wig.

Pep band members including Betz expect the they are starting a new tradition.

“As a growing organization on campus, it means the world to have such great support from students, athletes, and faculty alike on campus. We love everyone’s kind words and encouragement and look forward to some great seasons ahead of us,” said Betz.

Contact Ryan Weber at [email protected] or Molly Betz at [email protected] for more information about the pep band.