Women With Children Give Back

Felicia Glover, Reporter

Participants in the Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program are getting ready to send much-needed clothes, books and toys overseas to two deserving orphanages.

Each family has been asked to donate adult and child-size outfits, one pair of shoes, a toy and a book for children in need.

Megan Fox, sophomore healthcare management student and WWC participant, believes the collection will have a positive influence on the children in the program.

“I feel our children will learn about sharing and helping others in need. If we involve our children by asking them to give up a few of their toys or old clothes to help another child out, it can teach them to share and be kind to others.”

Aubrey Wood, WWC participant and sophomore psychology major, said her daughter, Alison, is excited about giving to others.

“Alison loves that she is helping another little boy or girl feel happy and special.”

Theresa Doughty,  WWC Coordinator, believes the event will foster a bond between the children in the program and the orphans.

“I feel the children will be able to make a felt ‘connection’ with the children of the two orphanages that were chosen, closing the gap across the sea, so to speak.”

Deandre Davis, a child in the WWC program, said  he is glad to help children around the world.

“The other kids can have my stuff.  I like to share with them.”

Wood said this project brings the plight of others to a more conscious level.

“I feel this event will help us better understand the struggles that many others face. To not be able to provide clothing and many of times food for your child is the worst pain anyone can endure. Yes, we struggle being single mothers and do not have it easy with providing the essentials for our children, but at the end of the day we have more than what others have because of this program.”

Doughty said the idea of the collection arose from the participants and their desire to “pay it forward.”

“The women are aware of the connection between the Mercy charisms at Misericordia University and the needs of other women and/or children in the global community.”

Doughty believes this event will have a lasting effect.

“Over time, it is possible that this event and others like it, will reinforce the concept of caring for others in the global community as  brother, sister, friend. Hopefully geographical, cultural, socioeconomic and  religious boundaries will become less visible to this generation of children.”

Because the orphanages have specific requests, any items collected that cannot be shipped will be donated to a local thrift store in Noxen, Pa.

Participants in the WWC program are considering other fundraising events such as food drives, runs and car washes to give back to the community for all the help and support that has been provided to the program.  The collection for the orphanages will take place annually.