Groups Advocate for Immigration Reform

Alexandria Smith, Web Master

Members of the Immigration Reform Group and Campus Ministry are teaming up to promote an immigration reform at a rally in Allentown.

From recreating a simulation of a border check point to organizing a postcard petition to send to Congressman Lou Barletta [R-PA], members of the group have worked creatively to bring light to the deportation threats immigrants face.

According to recently inducted president Meghan Stack, who has organized other events associated with the group, the rally seemed to be the next big step in immigration reform advocacy.

“I think that the rally will help people know more about it (immigration reform). Even me – I’d like to be more educated about it, too,” said Stack.

Sophomore physical therapy major Shannon Morgano first learned about the rally through her mother, who is very involved in activism within the area. However, while her family has had connections to political movements, she has never been involved.

“This is the first time that I’m doing something political that I’m interested in doing,” she said. “Usually, I just go along with what my mom supports. But I know that immigration reform is one of the big concerns with the Sisters of Mercy right now, and of the whole Catholic Church, really, they’re pushing for it.”

Morgano, whose interest was sparked by a recent service trip in Philadelphia, has strong opinions about immigration policy.

“I think everyone has the right to be treated like a human being and be treated equally because this country was founded on im- migration. Most people, even the people who are against it, came here as immigrants at some point. So I feel it’s like everyone deserves to have the same opportunity that people in the 1800s and 1900s, when they first came here, and having that opportunity to learn about it in Philly, and see that it [immigration] does in fact affect people in Pennsylvania and in this area, I thought that having the rally that the school be involved with would be a really great connection.”

Both Stack and Morgano, who plan to attend the rally, believe that it is a significant, realistic form of education on the issues facing immigrants – especially when it comes to voting.

“It’s [immigration reform] is an important thing for students to students to know about. Especially young students, who can go out and do something about it, because it’s much closer than we think. And I think a lot of times, at least for me, I felt that immigration reform was something that states closer to Mexico had to deal with, like Arizona, and those kinds of places. But to learn that it’s in Philly and in Hazelton. It’s so close.”

Students who are interested in attending the Comprehensive Immigration Reform rally in Allentown on Saturday, April 12 from 11 am to 1 pm, may sign up by contacting Meghan Stack at [email protected]. Trans- portation is provided.

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