Students Party 4 Cancer Research

Alexandria Smith, Web Master

Sophomore Nick Stanovick and his committee want the community to get ready to Party 4 Life this spring.

Party 4 Life is the signature event of the Lucy Fund, a national fund in coordination with the National Foundation for Cancer Research created by Stanovick’s mother following her diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2008.

Stanovick said Party 4 Life began as a way for his mother to raise money for metastatic cancer research, but it quickly grew to be a highly anticipated community event.

“[Party 4 Life] was put on our community once a year summertime, and it was just a time for our community to come out and support her and show love for her as well as raise money for her fund,” Stanovick said.

From her diagnosis in 2008 to her passing in late 2012, Lucy Stanovick was able to raise over $200,000 for metastatic cancer research. After her passing, Stanovick was unsure what would happen to the Lucy Fund and Party 4 Life until he teamed up with his friend Jalen Blott.

“The Lucy Fund was kind of up in the air. We didn’t know what was going to really happen with it. So, my best friend and I decided to take the fund over and kind of make it our passion,” he said.

Stanovick made it is his mission to bring his mother’s event to campus. Alongside Blott, Stanovick has received extensive support from his on-campus Party 4 Life committee, which includes sophomores Trevor Reed, Amy Bunavage, Lindsay Lapreste, Yalixsa Delgado and Student Activities Director Darcy Brodmerkel.

Delgado, who has never been involved with an event that benefits cancer research, is very enthusiastic about what Party 4 Life has to offer.

“I really think that Party 4 Life is going to help with [connecting students] because experiencing a Party 4 Life is what really set my  fire. That’s what really made me passionate about this. Regardless of whether or not I’ve experienced or went through cancer or know what it’s like to know someone that’s been through cancer, being at the Party 4 Life and seeing the passion in their eyes made me realize that it is a big issue – especially metastasis,” said Delgado.

Stanovick believes that, based off of the response he has received from Delgado and other members of the Party 4 Life committee, college students will be very open to the event.

“You just have to tell them what the cause is, and so, here at Mis, I think that our campus is small enough that we can really make this event successful. I know a lot of people on campus. The people I know know a lot of people on campus. Everyone pretty much knows everyone on campus. So, I think it’s a good way for the campus itself to address the issue of cancer and kind of bridge that uncomfortable gap between the student body and stuff that they don’t want to talk about,” Stanovick said.

Party 4 Life will include guest speakers, interactive dancing, musical chairs and a balloon release that is characteristic of every annual event.

“My mom’s signature activity is a balloon release, and her favorite song is ‘Seasons of Love’ from the RENT soundtrack. So, we play that with the balloons. You can write stuff on them and release them. It’s one of the most powerful parts of the whole event,” Stanovick said.

Stanovick notes that while the beginning of the event is going to be more serious as it directly deals with conversations about metastatic cancer, it will lighten as a celebration of life itself. The Party 4 Life will take place March 30 from 4 to 8 p.m. in Insalaco Hall. A $10 donation is suggested, and refreshments will be provided.

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