Comfort Food At Comforting Prices

Daniella Devivo, Reporter

Anderika’s All American Grill is one of Dallas’s new comfort food hot spots.

Owners Ruth and John Anderika started this family-owned business, which opened Sept. 1., from scratch.

The menu consists of many American favorites, such as chili dogs to burgers and fries, and the prices cannot be beat. Hot dogs are $1.50, and chili cheese burgers are $3, for example.

“We have quick in-and-out items. We wanted to set up our menu that was geared to the working class person to the American worker and the average college student,” said J. Anderika

The Anderika’s are expanding the menu. They have added a cheese steak, a grilled chicken sandwich and some of Ruth’s famous soups. They are also open to any suggestions from the com- munity.

College discounts are incorporated in to the prices. John Anderika said he wants to provide a welcoming place to the community even if that means cutting back on some costs.

“I treat everyone the same whether you be a college student or a veteran, police officer, a regular worker – we are all treated equal,” he said.

James Dinkins, a senior management major, has visited Anderika’s All American Grill and was surprised by the low-cost selections.

“The man working behind the counter was very friendly, the prices were great and they were cheap enough for a college student, and that was awesome,” said Dinkins.

The Grill offers free wi-fi for all college students to sit down and do their homework while they enjoy a cup of the famous soup.

“It’s a good place for college students to go because being a parent of a college student, I know the expenses that go in to it and I know what college student like to eat,” said R. Anderika.

“It’s somewhere for college students to go if they want to get away from campus, they can come down and order something nice to eat at an affordable price and just enjoy themselves,” said R. Anderika.

Dinkins said he recommends Anderika’s All American Grill to all of his friends. He loved going there because the restaurant is small, the food is cheap and it’s great.

“Places like that are very hard to find,” said Dinkins.

The Grill is located walking distance from the school and students can take the shuttle.

The restaurant offers specials on Mondays – meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies. Hours are Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and closed Sundays.

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