Everything Ducky at Mallard Estate

Mary Bove, Multimedia Editor

11 Lake Street, a newly opened off-campus housing complex located across the street from Pas- san Hall, has a new name: Mallard Estate.

The nickname Mallard Estate comes courtesy of its new residents, said Assistant Director of Residence Life A.J. Nudo.

“It is from ducks in the pond. They didn’t want to keep calling it 111,” Nudo said. “They wanted to come up with a cute name, which is nice.”

Nudo said this gives students a type of identity to relate to. Resident Director Julia Leighow said it is im- portant for residents to form of communal family.

“Living in the 111 Lake Street house provides students the opportunity to create a more close-knit community system while receiving all the benefits of living on campus,” said Leighow.

Living in such a small house means more opportunities for residents to make friends, and find a quiet study space, said Nudo.

“It’s not like living in McHale where you have 200 plus people around you. You’re one of 18 in the house,” he said.

The newly renovated house was one of the earliest homes in Dallas, built in 1866. Nudo said the gentleman who owned the home before the university purchased it was a lawyer.

111 Lake Street had to be completely renovated before students could move in last August.

Because it was formerly used as a single family home, it needed to be remodeled to be able to house multiple students.

“Some of the rooms upstairs needed less work in them than some of the others because they were already bedrooms,” Nudo said. “So there were certain upgrades that had to be made,

but it wasn’t a matter of us demolishing everything to start over.”

The location is ideal for students who want access to neighborhood conveniences such as CVS and Pizza Bella, according to Leighow.

Students can also save gas by taking the shuttle to their classes or even walking the half mile to campus. Junior Occupational Therapy major Maria Weidemoyer said she loves the convenience of her new digs.

“We have our own kitchen and our own common room, and there is a big yard,” Weidemoyer said. “My room personally, has, tons of space, lots of windows, as well as heated floors.”

Weidemoyer feels  the outside of the building is just as beautiful as the inside. In addition to the park like grounds, there is a stone patio area, which is perfect for relaxing during the nice fall day, according to Nudo.

“Hopefully in the spring we are going to look into buying outdoor type of furniture that students can use out there,” said Nudo. “Maybe like a picnic type area where students can go out and enjoy the day.”

The resident parking lot is located in the rear of the building, as well as across the street by Passan Hall.

All students who reside on Lake Street are eligible for parking at their house, regardless of year at the University.

Weidemoyer said she already feels comfortable in the house.

“I like the people living here. It’s a small living environment so we’re hoping to get closer as more of a family type house.”

Weidemoyer said anyone consid- ering a move to the new housing option should not be frightened away by its distance from main campus.

“It would be a great idea if you are a health science major and you are going to be at Passan Hall alot,” Weidemoyer said.

“It’s really nice. I never expected it to be this nice, but it’s beautiful, probably the best place to live on campus so far.”

Nudo stresses that cam- pus extends beyond the arches, something a lot of people do not understand.

Most students, Nudo said, feel campus begins after crossing under the arches, when that is only the be- ginning of the university property.

“I think there are a lot of perceptions out there about the lower campus, that it’s off-campus. It’s

not off-campus. We’re extending our campus at this point,” said Nudo.

He encourages everyone to keep an open mind about housing in the future. He wants students, especially health science majors, to consider Lake Street living.

“It’s the best of both world. You get that off-campus feel while being on campus.” Nudo said

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