Ladies Grab Pigskin For Powder Puff

Christa Porasky, Reporter

There’s another new football team on campus.

The class of 2015 will host a girls-only powder puff football game during Spring Weekend.

Class president Johnna Miller said she hopes to get everyone involved in the playful sport.

Because this year marks the first for the MU all-male football team, Miller thought a powder puff game would allow the girls to participate.

“I did powder puff for two years in high school, and over fall break I went back to school and I watched a powder puff game. We have a football team, so why can’t it be the first year for powder puff as well?”

Miller said she’s heard a lot of talk on campus by students who support the game.

“I know a lot of girls have mentioned it before in getting involved with it, so I thought, why not?”

She said she worked with class advisor Bruce Riley to tackle the project.

“She had come to me, about a month or two ago with the idea of powder puff football, and she had some experience that she brings and thought it would be successful,” Riley said.

Mixed teams of juniors and seniors will face off against a senior team.

Although sign ups aren’t plentiful as organizers had hoped, they hope the game will catch on and generate more turnout next year.

Organizers say coaches and team captains are in place.

“It’s unknown and it’s a little bit scary at first because you’ve never done it before, but I think at the same time there’s a feeling of excitement with that because you’re doing something that the students have never done, and it gives them something else to do,” he said. “The sky’s the limit with how big it can get, and how successful it can be, so there’s a lot of excitement that goes along with the nerves.”

Miller hopes the powder puff game will become an annual event and even grow into a tradition.

“We still have two more years after this to bring it back, so I’m hoping it’ll be coming back bigger and better each year, along with bigger and better ideas, expanding it to involve all different kinds of clubs and organizations, so we are really excited to see how it goes.”

Registration is $10 and includes a free t-shirt. Forms are located outside of the SGA office.

The games take place April 28.

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