Cougar Radio Ready to Rock

Jevin Fluegel, Reporter

Local artists will have their chance to take the stage at Cougar Radio’s Beats for a Benefit concert during Spring Weekend April 27.

This marks the second annual concert hosted by Cougar Radio to support local artists and charities like the Magnolia Project, Boys and Girls Club, Wyoming Children’s Association and the Luzerne Autism Coalition.

“So all the charities revolve around children because I just thought that was a good angle to go with, because who does not love children and who doesn’t want to help children,” sophomore communications major Gabriella Lengyel said.

Lengyel is responsible for the concert promotions, and she is working with station manager Gia Mazur and radio advisor Dan Kimbrough to book with the list of artists.

Cheyne Kulessa, junior sports management/PT major, is the headliner of the event. He goes by Cheyne Michaels on stage when performing his dub step beats.

“He’s like our sort of headliner, and we’re hoping we get a lot of students on campus who like him coming to the event,” Kimbrough said.

Kulessa is excited to provide his skill for the benefit concert and perform in front of his peers and the MU community.

“Listen, I’m all about that,” he said about being a part of the event.

His background is in electronic music, and he said he looks forward to being able to share that with his audience.

Mazur is looking forward to playing with him with her band, 1 Hot Mess, with which she performed at last year’s concert.

“He’s really well known on this campus for his DM [dub step] music,” she said of Kulessa. “He’s really awesome and just a really cool kid.”

Other artists include Terror on the Screen, Who Are We, Chris Fields and YAK. A showcase many different musical talents so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The charities will receive donations from basket raffles held during the event, and the a CD, called “Cougar IndiPendence,” that concert-goers can purchase. Proceeds will be divided among the four charities, Kimbrough said.

Beats for a Benefit will be held from noon to 7 p.m. in the Wells Fargo amphitheater.

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