SOAR Gives Students Adventure


Lindsay Usarzewicz, Reporter

Student Outdoor Adventure Recreation (SOAR) has  outdoor activities in store for students this season.

Planned activities include day and night hikes, wall climbing and climbing instruction, repelling, camp-outs, and other events that students suggest, and most activities do not require experience, said Patrick McKamy, who directs the activities.

“I discuss with students the types of interests they have,” said McKamy. “We go from past experiences and from what’s been popular with the students.”

SOAR has held events in the past like kayaking, sledding and snowshoe hikes in the forest.

He said these activities give students the chance to do something they enjoy or help provide others with an experience they have never had.

Fees are required to participate in some events, but most are free to students. SOAR provides transportation and all equipment needed for activities such as like rock climbing or kayaking. SOAR club also has a fully stocked gear shop if students wish to purchase equipment. Food is also provided during events that take place over longer periods of time.

Events take place both on and off campus, depending upon the weather, to make it easier for students to get involved.

“It depends on the semester. Spring is a toss-up. It depends on the event,” said McKamy.

One special event planned for this semester is an end-of-the-year camp-out on the last day of the semester. There will be swimming, and hiking and a fire at night for socializing.  McKamy said the campout is a time for students to relax after they finish finals.

The next event, a night hike, will take place Thursday April 11 at 9 p.m. at a mystery location, McKamy said. Space is limited. Interested students should visit the Student Activities office to sign up for the night hike or to receive activity schedules for each week.

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