Men Take Office

Catie Becker, Reporter

Four of five officers of the class of 2016 are men, a rarity in the history of elected student officials.

Adding to the novelty is that all are players on the university’s new football team.

Recently elected are Michael Pheasant, president; Corey Wall, vice president; Tanner Bulkley, secretary; Matthew Horoski, treasurer; and Amy Koch, activities coordinator. Each student is already involved in campus activities, but they said they want a position that enables them to speak up on behalf of their peers.

On a campus of 65 percent women and 35 percent men, leadership positions have often been held by women. In other classes, only two men hold positions.  Both are members of the class of 2013.

Vice President of Student Affairs Sister Jean Messaros said she is impressed that so many men are interested in student leadership.

“In my experience here, we’ve had more male presidents,” said Messaros who has been a member of the MU community since 1990. “I’m pleased with the fact that they are athletes, and I don’t want to single them out because they are football, but that is really, very impressive.”

Because this group is such a rarity Messaros finds it interesting and says she is “pleased” and thinks it is ” great that we have men who want to be a part of it.”

Pheasant, a biology major, is a rising leader on campus. He said his role as president of the class of 2016 is no small job.

“I see it as a way to have a positive impact on our experience as a class here at Misericordia,” said Pheasant.

All five newly elected officers said their goal to make changes.

Horoski wants to “serve others, give back to a university that has given me so much already.”

Those words will be well received by adviser, Community Outreach Coordinator Kristen Samuels, who focuses on service both on and off campus.

“I’m hoping to make this class one that is known for their good deeds and commitment to the charisms set forth by the Sisters of Mercy,” said Samuels.

She looks forward to working with the new officers despite her initial shock when she learned there would only be one girl in the group.

“I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I’m genuinely looking forward to working with them and teaching myself a lesson,” she said.

One attribute this group does not lack is enthusiasm. With the five officers already collectively involved in more than 10 organizations that range from athletic to academic, these officers promise to make the class of 2016 productive.

“I also wanted to be involved more in the things that are happening around campus, and help solve problems that may arise over the next four years,” said Bulkley.

The officers face communication and participation challenges.  They say communication with each other will be a learning process, and then they will  reach out to their classmates to get them involved in campus activities.

This is where Koch looks to shine.

“I wanted to run for activities coordinator because the description of the job described what I was passionate about: planning events,” said Koch.

She is already a member of the biology club, physical therapy club, honors program, chamber singers, and spring musical. This makes her no stranger to a busy schedule.

Samuels said it is vital for the new officers to be passionate and unafraid to speak up and, based on their desire to help their peers.

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