Kicking Away Cancer

Jevin Fluegel, Reporter

Members of College Against Cancer are making plans for Relay For Life.relayforlife3

Club members showed people how to sign up for teams and formed volunteer groups during a kickoff party Feb. 6. Members also provided information about special event activities such as “Purple Week.”

“Purple week is where we do something day,  decorating the campus, we dye hair, we wear purple during the week,” said sophomore Relay for Life and spirit committee member Sarah Downer.

Member Caroline Landen said the event is an opportunity for her to get involved on campus.

“Last year I was not part of the committee but my roommates got me involved. I wanted to get more involved in college,” said Landen.

Downer said the committee’s responsibility is to make sure there is enough entertainment to last throughout the 12-hour marathon.

“A lot of people seem to fade out like three or four in the morning, and the last couple of hours are boring. So I think our job is to keep people going,” she said.

Downer said volunteers are making sure the event is livelier than it has ever been.

relayforlife4“We seem to have more people involved.  There are games, and there are people who write stickers spelling out Relay for Life, so it’s kind of nice to be involved.”

Landen said there are a lot of ways support people who are touched by the many different types of cancer.

“One that I have been most involved in is breast cancer.  Every group has a table, and many different colors that represent many different cancers so everybody can pick the one they are fighting against most,” she said.

relayforlife2The Relay For Life event will be held in the Anderson Sports and Health Center from Friday, April 12 at 7 p.m. to Saturday April 13 at 7 a.m. Energy drinks and coffee will be provided, as will other beverages and snacks.

Landen said students, staff or community members who would like to volunteer for Relay For Life should contact sophomore Leila Comerford.

“We’re looking for any type of volunteer, anyone who wants to donate money, time, or anyone from the community.”

“It’s for everybody,”  Downer said.

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