The Snowball

Tori Dziedziak, Reporter

Director of Student Activities Darcy Brodmerkel is no stranger to Snowball. She’s been a key player in planning the winter formal since “forever,” she said.

Snowball is a formal event that hundreds of students attend each year. “We’ve had anywhere from approximately 350 to almost 700 students. It just depends.” said Brodmerkel.

The dance is usually held around the same time each February when students who play sports are able to attend.

“The difficulty comes in that there are so many sporting events that take place that you can never find an open Saturday where everyone is going to be available to come between basketball teams and the swim team,” she said. “I usually look for a Saturday that those teams would be home, knowing that they would still have time to get ready and come to the Snowball.”

Between arranging the decorations and the location, Snowball takes a lot of prep work and planning. Brodmerkel works with Genetti’s in Wilkes-Barre to host the event.

Junior Shannon Joyce attended the Snowball in 2012 and said she enjoyed the party..

“I liked getting all dressed up with all my friends and getting to take pictures, like at prom. Like how you used to in high school. You don’t get that in college, so it was nice.

Brodmerkel said while it’s similar to a semi-formal high school gala, there are key differences, she said.

“It’s considered a ‘formal,’ but it would probably be a step down from a high school prom because there was a time when I would actually hire a photographer and the photographer would take formal pictures of the students if they wanted them. A lot of students’ dates would purchase flowers for them like you do at a prom. However, as times have changed into the digital world, we don’t need the photographer anymore and you don’t too often see students come in with flowers, but they still are always very dressed up. [The students are] dressed to the nines, let’s just say that.”

Joyce said he liked the tunes.

“It was definitely fun because we got all different kinds [of music]. The DJ was really cool last year.”

Barry Snyder, an MU alum, will take care of the music again this year.

Students had the chance to win discounts on Snowball tickets at a bingo night on Feb. 1, and the grand prize was a pair of two Snowball tickets.

Brodmerkel said planning an event as elegant the Snowball always leads to a few snag.

“We have had a couple of glitches,” Brodmerkel said. “We’ve just been fortunate that we haven’t had any really serious problems in the past, and hope that will continue.”

She said security at the event is taken very seriously and students are well protected during the six-hour ball.

“If students are intoxicated upon arrival, they will be turned around and asked to leave,” Brodmerkel said. “There always is security and the local Wilkes-Barre police. I have to pay for them to be there as well. Students have to present their ID in order to drink.”

Joyce explained that her favorite part of Snowball was the time that she spent with her friends.

“The best part definitely was the laughs that came with my group of friends last year. We danced like loons,” she said. “We didn’t even have the dance floor. We were on the side where no tables were, and we were just dancing and we were just having fun and we didn’t care. We just had a blast.”

Despite her work as the woman in charge, Brodmerkel said she also enjoys the dance. “It’s a lot of fun,” she said. “I love seeing students all dressed up and having a good time.”

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