New Ministry Staff Member Graces Campus

Arthur Dowell, Web Master

Jeff Passetti, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, is the newest member of Ministry staff.

Passetti finds himself back in Northeast Pennsylvania after years away where his travels took him to Europe, Texas and the west coast of the United States.

Before landing his post, Passetti was program director of the Bridgeview Residential Treatment Facility in Wilkes-Barre from 2001 to2009. He served as program director and on call mobile crisis worker.

Passetti went on a life-changing hike down the west coast of the United States while he lived out west.

“I always loved nature and I always wanted to do the Appalachian trail, and the Pacific trails are the closest thing on the west coast.”

Starting in Eugene, Oregon Passetti hiked for two months, and in that time he discovered a lot about himself.

“There’s a lot of alone time when you’re by yourself. Distractions such as technology and meetings aren’t there. When it’s just you, the road, and the beautiful scenery, there is so much you can learn.”

On the hike Passetti says he felt God more than ever. When he was in need for camp stakes to keep his tent up or duct tape to keep his boots together, he would come across them as if God knew that is what he needed to continue his journey. It takes him back to a quote former MU chaplain Fr. Don Williams would say “ask for what you need.”

He finished the hike near San Francisco, but his next stop would not be under the arches of the Golden Gate Bridge, rather through the arch of Misericordia.

He heard of the job opening through his sister, April Passetti, a senior nursing major at Misericordia. He sais he was impressed by the school’s community and hospitality.

“The students and faculty were very welcoming and the feeling I got when I came here for my interview is the real reason why I took the job.”

Passetti is helping organize the international trips, including those to Guyana, Jamaica, Peru, and Ireland.  He is also in charge of the liturgical and community outreach programs such as Bible Study, Praise and Worship and College Kids for Boys and Girls.

Passetti wants to keep his goal grounded and simple.

“What I’ve learned is Campus Ministry is run by the students and it’s for the students. I want to be a helpful source for the leaders, but I don’t want to take away any credit that the students deserve on a daily basis.”

Passetti hopes relate to students on many levels, which will  include his love of sports, music, and the outdoors. He offers an open door policy and encourages students to get to know him.

Passetti’s office is located in Campus Ministry in the Banks Student Life Center.

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