Mis Area Main Eats: Bernie’s Pizza Offers Big Taste for Small Price

Mis Area Main Eats: Bernies Pizza Offers Big Taste for Small Price

Isaac Glidewell and Cutlet Sienko

Bernie’s Pizza is a small joint that offers pizza with a big taste.

This local pizza place has been serving up traditional-style pizzas and calzones since the 1950s, which definitely shows in the final product. Bakers use a brick oven to cook their pies, a technique that really gives their pizza an authentic yet unique taste.

We sampled the medium, thin-crust cheese pizza, and we enjoyed how well it was cooked: the classic taste came through with every bite.

The generous size and golden color made the pie that much more appetizing. The aroma lured us in the moment we opened the box.

The first bite was excellent, with the perfect amount of cheese, enough to create a consistent layer across the pie but not so much that it made the slices floppy or excessively greasy.

There was a good amount of sauce, too, with an unusually sweet undertone that added another dimension of flavor. Most tomato pizza sauce usually just tastes like its main ingredient, but not Bernie’s. The sauce is very flavorful, with tones of garlic and herbs.

Courtesy of Bernie’s Pizza

The crust held up well, and we could tell the dough was made fresh in-house. The outer ring of the crust had a wonderful crunch that kept us reaching into the box. The crust under the sauce and cheese was not crispy nor soft. It was very firm, which we surprisingly loved in the pie.

We also sampled a large, plain cheese pizza, which was just as delicious as the medium. It had the same quality of toppings, cheese, and sauce.

Our medium pizza was college student-friendly, costing us around $7, and it was a fair size for two people. The large pizza we sampled cost $8, and it was plenty to satisfy three people with some leftovers. Bernie’s offers a simple atmosphere, and that matches the menu. You don’t need a fancy place to have great pizza.


Bernie’s has a wide variety of pizza toppings, too, from pepperoni to kale, and several specialties pizza options including fresh tomato and minced garlic, chicken ranch, and chicken wing. There are also options for the vegans out there with a vegan cheese and cauliflower crust pie.

Courtesy of Bernie’s Pizza

The cook time didn’t stretch our patience.  It took about 25 minutes from order to delivery of one pizza, which is on par with other pizza restaurants and also evidence of the time and care that went into making it. This relatively speedy service, combined with the overall taste, made the price we paid very fair.

The same can be said about customer service. The staff was very friendly, and the restaurant itself gave off welcoming vibes.

Bernie’s is located at 2941 Memorial Highway. While it is within walking distance from

Courtesy of Bernie’s Pizza

campus, the business is take-out only, with no seating available inside, so having a ride is recommended.

The next time you’re craving a traditional-style pizza but don’t want to break the bank, ride on over to Bernie’s.

Bernie’s Pizza Star Ratings:


Flavor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Time Efficiency: 5/5


Flavor: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 4.5/5

Time Efficiency: 5/5