Writer’s Room: “Rentless”

Rachelle Ahern

Under the layers and shells
Of the person I am
There’s someone who’s evolving
That I don’t quite understand

There’s self confidence, Assurance
Someone standing up for me
Someone brave and courageous
Who believes in what I can be

There’s a renewed energy
A burning hot flame
The fire of motivation
That pushes past the pain

Someone who is strong
Someone who knows what’s right
Someone who believes
In herself and her light

Feeling this way is freeing
Like a bald eagle soaring by
The decisions I now make
Aren’t questioned in my mind

I acknowledge when I need help
But my inner voice has grown
I know my personal opinion
Before others voice their own

I used to be the one
That was too afraid to speak
I used to be the person
Questioning the decision to be me

I used to feel so discouraged
By people’s opinions and advice
I used to advocate for others
While tossing myself aside

I’m finally getting stronger
Taking it step by step
But the way I see it now
I don’t need to keep looking back

The person I am took courage
I fought for so very long
I fought the people who ridiculed
Claiming what I did was wrong

I respect that their opinion was right
Just only for themselves
But for me myself and I
My future is something else

I’m glad I fought those battles
Otherwise this all wouldn’t be me
I’m proud of this person I am
I think I’m pretty great actually

I believe in people’s goodness
I try to always do what’s right
My passion is true Justice
Being the voice in the fight

The fight against inequality
The fight for kids that can’t
The fight against poverty
And a better education plan

I used to be afraid to dream
It could all never come true
But these days what it seems
Is that dreaming is all I can do

I dream of what I can be
When my mind is on my goal
The world and negativity
Can’t hinder my relentless soul