Arts Council Holds Fall Arts Event


Ayanna Dexter

Cathleen Repholz, ceramics professor, demonstrates the proper way to form a pot. She has been involved in ceramics for 10 years.

Ayanna Dexter, Reporter

The university’s Art Council hosted the first Fall Arts Kickoff on campus Sept. 18 in Insalaco Hall.

Dr. Ryan Weber, Fine Arts professor, and Lalaine Little, Director of Misericordia’s Art Gallery, took leading roles in putting the event together by brainstorming a way to highlight the artistic expressions of Misericordia students.

The university’s Art Council started just a year ago and has been responsible for past art events on campus.

“We put performances, private lessons and displays together to celebrate what we do on campus,” said Weber.

Students and faculty participated by holding performances, displaying their artistic work and more.

Students and faculty who presented for this event voiced their feelings through art and supported those who performed.

President Thomas Botzman said, “I think it’s terrific! The showcase and the community coming together to celebrate the arts on campus.”

President Botzman said he was very proud to view the artsy side of the students.

Kristen Solowiej, junior sports management major, said she thought the event showcased the university’s artistic talents well.

“I really think that is a great event that showcases the best that all of the Fine Arts has to offer here at Misericordia, to not only students and staff, but also the local community,” she said.

Alexandra Isaac, art gallery employee, and Dominick Dematteo, area coordinator for residence life, spoke highly of the council and said they thought this event turned out great. They voiced support to Weber and Little as they helped organize, plan and select students’ artwork to put on display.

Vice President of Academic Affairs David Rehm offered heartfelt opening comments about the Fall Arts kickoff.

“The arts link our common experiences and concerns,” he said.