A Night of Bob Ross

Annette Ritzko, Web-Editor

Ariana Kampfe, junior occupational therapy major,  Ashley Strausser, junior psychology pre-DPT major, and Nicole Giammarino, sophomore communications major, held a “Bob Ross” painting program on Tuesday, Oct. 9 in Insalaco.

They showed the Bob Ross episode “Shades of Grey” and provided canvases, brushes, and paint for a room full of aspiring artists.


Alyssa Volpe, freshman occupational therapy major, said the video was hard to follow because it went too quickly, but had a lot of fun.
Hailey VanLeuven, freshman pre-med major, said, “I messed up and it was a happy little accident.”
From left to right, freshmen Dana Stroop, nursing major, Rita Aronica, speech-language pathology major, and Allison Madden, sonography major, enjoyed a night of recreating a “legend’s” painting.